You Might Think You Know Me, But You're Wrong

I'm Skylar, you can call me Sky. My parents died in battle, im not aloud to say how. let's just say they died on '' Unknown Sircumstances''. I live with my brother Sam and my Best Friend Abby. When My parents died, they left me nothing, and I had no one to stay with. So Abby let me, and Sam stay at her mansion with her and her parents. We are all going to a supernatural boarding school at Illinois for werewolves and other magical creatures. But there is one thing we ALL have to worry about, The vampires. There is more important stuff going on like how i'm the chosen one along with Sam and Abby. We have to fight save the world. But their is one thing me, sam and abby all have in common, we have powers. Sam controls the sky, Abby controls water and i control Nature. I know I don't get the Sky powers and my name is sky, Unfortunte right.


3. Chapter 2: The Plane Ride

I took my seat, I called the edge seat and noticed that across from was the boys that I saw. Than I heard a girl scream. She ran up to the boys. Se had their heads on her shirt,  she was holding a book and asked the guys to sign it. The dudes it the suit told them to back off and security picked them up and put them into their seats. I looked at Abby and Sam and said, I guess pretty loudly '' Who are those Guys and why are their so many girls trying to get their autographs?'' I asked them and they shook their heads. '' Finally someone who doesn't know who we are!'' said a guy with curly hair. '' I'm Harry, this is Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn.'' He pointed while he spoke. '' we are the famous band one direction.'' said Zayn. '' Well you must not be that famous, I don't know who you are.'' I replied.'' geez luizzz!, someone's a little fistey.'' Said Louis. This guy is a really weird dude. I rolled my eyes and put on my beats and my sketch pad. I always draw when I'm bored. I saw Niall staring at my picture. '' Do you mind?'' I asked him. '' SOrry its just that that looks really cool.'' I ignored him and soon the plane landed.


There was a car with our names on a piece of paper on it. I walked up to it and a sweet lady jumped up. '' Well hello there children. I am Trudy.  Are you three going to Lincoln Bourding school.?'' She asked. We all nodded and got into the car. She started to drive. '' Are you kids werewolves?, before you freak out, its ok I am one to.'' I guess we all looked alittle scared. '' The Principal, Mr. Rivers is one too, Their is a special small dorm we have for the werewolves. You three are the only ones this year. Skylar, Sam, you're parents used to live their. I was very good friends with them, it would be great to see them again.'' she said. '' You can call me sky by the way and and i'm afraid that you can't,  they were killed in battle, we don't really like talking about it.'' I answerd. '' Its ok sweeties, and im so sorry for your loss, they were very good people.'' we nodded and we stopped at a small hpuse '' this is it, Long Building.''

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