You Might Think You Know Me, But You're Wrong

I'm Skylar, you can call me Sky. My parents died in battle, im not aloud to say how. let's just say they died on '' Unknown Sircumstances''. I live with my brother Sam and my Best Friend Abby. When My parents died, they left me nothing, and I had no one to stay with. So Abby let me, and Sam stay at her mansion with her and her parents. We are all going to a supernatural boarding school at Illinois for werewolves and other magical creatures. But there is one thing we ALL have to worry about, The vampires. There is more important stuff going on like how i'm the chosen one along with Sam and Abby. We have to fight save the world. But their is one thing me, sam and abby all have in common, we have powers. Sam controls the sky, Abby controls water and i control Nature. I know I don't get the Sky powers and my name is sky, Unfortunte right.


2. Chapter 1: The Airport

''Hurry up! I want to be early, so I can get a seat at the gate!'' Yelled my brother. Me and my best friend, Abby, share a room. I got my suitcase packed and changed into my favorite outfit. I put on my favorite converse shoes, ripped jean shorts, skull t-shirt, and a beanie. I went downstairs when I saw my brother eating a raccoon, its his favorite. my brother finished his snack and we got in the taxi, since we are all not ablr to drive , we have a taxi on speed dial. we got in and the taxi driver started driving. Once we got there we ran to the security check and went to get a coffee and sat down at our gate. There was about 1 hour left till the plane was bourding. Surprisingly there was a lot of people there already I walked up to Sam, my brother, and said '' Why do we have to be here so early!'' ''Oh, Quit complaining, if we would have waited any longer, there would be no more seats left.'' Point taken. There was only three seats left. they were next to these weird group of a 5 guys and 2 guys in a suit,  I walked up to one of the dudes, he had blonde hair. '' Are these seats taken'' I asked and pointed to the seats. '' No go ahead.'' he said and the guys in the suits stared at me. I thought they were giving me a death glare, but I couldn't see their eyes. I sat down and took out my sketch pad. I am really into drawing and did this really cool design of Abby, Sam, and me all in wolf form and poseing. I have to say it looked pretty cool. " Sky, this is amazing, can I have it?'' asked Abby. I ripped it out of my sketch pad and handed it to her. I made it especially for her. It was a gift for well, everything. She is like a sister to me. I put my sketchpad away and put on some earbuds and listened to my favorite band, Imagine Dragons. I closed my eyes, and consentated on the lyrics. Soon, Abby told me we were bording, had I really been listening to music for that long?

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