Small Bump

*This is the sequel to I Knew You Were Trouble, this won't make sense to you if you haven't read it yet* Ella's now seven months pregnant and Harry's always on edge, making sure that she's never upset. In a way, Ella can't wait for Emily to arrive so that she'd no longer be the centre of attention. But will everything change for the better when Emily arrives, or will it just cause even more problems?
So much has changed in five months and a lot more is about to. She doesn't realise how much the boys mean to her until they all start acting differently. Is this all because of her Small Bump?
Credit for cover - Stalkerish


10. Yes!

Ella's P.O.V

A temporary fair had been opened up in a park not so far from Anne's house so we all decided to go down there. After a couple of hours, Emily had fallen asleep and the others wanted to go home but Harry dragged me off elsewhere, leaving Anne to carry Emily home.

"Harry, where are we going?" I laughed as we pushed through crowds of people.

"You'll find out soon," He replied, keeping me behind him.

"But my feet hurt, are we almost there?" I asked, feeling my new shoes digging slightly into my feet.

He chuckled lightly. "Almost. Just be patient, babe."

I sighed and continued to trail behind him as he lead me down an familiar route and my lips curled up into a smile.

"You recognize where we are, yet? Or do you need my help?"

"I know where we are. How could I ever forget?" I laughed, not able to help the little eye roll I produced.

We were nearing the beach that held so many of mine and Harry's memories of when our relationship first began; as he lead me through the small gate into the beach, I stopped and knelt down to take my shoes off, hanging them loosely over my fingers before running through the sand to catch up with him.

"I always hated sand before this beach," I grinned, grabbing his hand and pulling him closer to the sea.

"I know, that's why I brought you here," He smiled as we came to a halt in front of the lightly crashing waves.

"You're going to need to roll them up," I giggled, gesturing towards his jeans.

He laughed. "There's no way that will work out, I'll just have to go in like this."

He shrugged out of his blazer and I dropped my bag, leaving it a couple of metres away from the water, enough so it wouldn't get wet but we'd still be able to see it. Harry's pockets were emptied and then we ran into the cold sea water. I was glad that I was wearing a pair of shorts rather than my first choice of a dress. As a child, I used to be the one who stayed away from the sea and preferred to stay on a sunbed further up, refusing to go for a walk in the sand as it agitated me when it sifted its way between my toes.

But when I met Harry, all of that changed - he managed to talk me into playing in the sea and messing around in the sun for hours on end. And I actually enjoyed it. Coming back here made me realise how much things have changed since meeting Harry and I was grateful for every single minute. I hadn't realised that I was daydreaming until Harry slipped his arms around my waist and mumbled something into my ear.

"Thank you for bringing me here again, Harry," I smiled, twisting around in his arms and placing my own around his neck, "It triggered a lot of happy memories."

"I still have something to show you before it gets dark," He told me as the water sent shivers down my spine from where the waves were moving slowly on my stomach. My feet were on top of Harry's as I still had a weird fear of what lay where I couldn't see.

We made our way back up to the shore, speaking of funny things that had happened here over the many times we'd visited. When he noticed that I'd started to shiver as a consequence of being in the water, Harry picked up his blazer and put my arms into it. I kept my feet bare and slung my bag over my shoulder, tucking my shoes in it so that only the soles were on show. It wasn't long before Harry was pulling me away again in another direction.

The beach was empty because the sun was disappearing and it was getting later. It was such a beautiful sight and Harry stopped walking, giving me a perfect view of the sunset and I felt the smile plastered on my face grow wider; if that was even possible.

"Close your eyes," Harry told me and I did as told, "Keep them closed until I tell you to open them."

I nodded and kept my eyes closed, listening to everything around me. The moment was perfect and I was just waiting for something to happen so that I was no longer in the dark from Harry's secrets.

"Ella, I want you to know that I've never brought anyone else here other than you." He began and I knew he was about to make a big speech about stuff so I quickly spoke to break things up.

"I know, Harry, you told me before."

"Just let me speak, please," He continued, "The past couple of years I've spent with you have been the best and I'm happy that we have Emily. I've had more fun with you in the last week than I have with the girls I've been with previously combined... ever. I've never felt so passionately about a girl than I have about you - I've never told a girl I loved her except you, because I never needed to. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have experienced half of the things I have and I don't regret any second of the time we've spent with each other."

I bit my lip, holding back a tear that threatened to slip; I wanted so much to just turn around and embrace him in a big hug and tell him all the equivalents of what he'd just said but his voice stopped me. 

"You can open your eyes now," He spoke softly and I looked down at my feet, seeing a single red rose.


"Let's make a bucket list," Harry suggested, holding up a pad of paper and two pens from where he was standing.

"Yes!" I laughed, sitting up and pulling my sunglasses on, crossing my legs in the sun.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Anne and Gemma smiling at us and I quickly returned the gesture before turning back to Harry.

"You first," He passed me the pad and one of the pens and I began to write.

'1: Receive one red rose (Ella)'

Without me realising, Harry smirked before writing down the first thing on his bucket list under mine.

-End of flashback-

"You remembered," I whispered and then turned around.

I gasped. Harry was on one knee in front of me with a tiny closed box in his hands.

"Of course I did," He laughed, lifting up the same pad in his spare hand before opening the box in his other, "What I'm trying to say is, will you marry me?"

"Oh my! Yes, Harry!" I shouted happily and he stood up, placing the ring on my finger. He pulled me into his arms and lifted me off the ground slightly, spinning me around once before putting me back down on the floor, still not letting go.

"I love you," He stared intently into my eyes.

"I love you, too, Harry," I smiled before closing the distance between us and pressing my lips against his.

Before things got carried away, I pulled away from him and pulled my hand up, admiring the ring on my finger. It had a large diamond in the middle with a smaller one on each side.

"It's beautiful," I told him, "But it must have cost a fortune."

"Money is no object when it comes to you," He replied, shrugging his shoulders and I blushed.

Harry was the one person who was able to give me butterflies and that little school girl feeling even after almost two years of being together. He was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with; I was certain about that.

"We should head back, it's getting dark," I looked back up at him.

He placed another gentle kiss to my lips before entwining our fingers together as we began to slowly walk upwards to the top of the beach. At the gate, I put my sandals back on before we started walking back to Anne's house where I'm sure they were almost waiting to here the news.

"I think we should start looking at houses. We can't keep living in that flat forever, after all," He kept his eyes ahead of him while he spoke.

"Yeah, I think we should, too," I nodded my head in agreement.

"And Louis wants to come too," He added.

"Why?" I asked, hopping in my step slightly.

He laughed, "They're looking for a new house but El doesn't trust him enough for him to go on his own."

"I wouldn't either," I giggled, "He'd probably pick the most expensive and biggest house he could find then have a party, trashing the whole place and leaving her to clean it all up."

My feet began to skip more often - it always started with a simple hop in my step and then ended up with me and Harry dancing very very close to each other. And that's exactly what happened. He opened the gate to his mum and step dad's house, walking forward then stopping in the centre of the garden, pulling me closer to him and smirking. My hands found his neck and his made their way to my waist but Harry couldn't do anything completely traditional and our little dance ended up disastrous. We ended up on the ground, laughing at our stupidity and looking up at the stars. I rolled over onto my side and met Harry's gaze.

"You're amazing you know that, right?" I asked and he laughed.

He didn't reply - today had been perfect and he knew that I didn't need an answer to understand everything he though of me. Taking the bucket list from Harry's hand, I flipped through the almost endless pages of the book before setting my eyes on the second wish.

'2. Go bungee jumping (Harry)'

I laughed under my breath, thinking of ways I could do that without either giving it away or making myself a part of it. One of my childhood fears that I hadn't been able to conquer and I don't think I ever would was heights; especially funfair rides. People used to call it a coincidence, considering I had that my last name was also the name of a theme park (Thorpe Park).

"What are you thinking about?" Harry asked, moving a piece of my hair behind my ear.

"This," I held up the book and pointed to number two.

He raised his eyebrows. "You're never going to let yourself get over your fear, are you?"

"No," I shook my head, agreeing with him, "But I'm going to make sure that you get to do what you wanted."

I managed to stand up and then I grabbed his hand, pulling him up with me.

"My mum knows but she's the only one so let's keep it our little secret," He winked.

I nodded and we walked through the front door to have everyone's eyes on us. It must have looked obvious that something was going on from the massive smiles on our faces as each of them gave us a suspicious look.


"Ella, you're mum's on the phone," Harry walked into the room and passed me the phone.

"Hi, mum," I spoke, wedging the phone between my ear and shoulder as I tried to get Emily to take her medicine

She laughed. "Hi, honey, you sound busy."

"Yeah, I guess I am," I replied, "Emily, please just drink the medicine. It'll make you feel better, I promise."

"Here, I'll do it," Harry chuckled and I smiled at him, standing up and moving to the other side of the room.

"Anyway, me and Harry were thinking of visiting. We have some news," I told her, sitting cross-legged on the bed.

"You're not pregnant again, are you?" She answered.

"No, no. Too soon. If it wasn't for Harry being here, I probably would have been turned against children forever," I quickly reassured her.

"You've got the fun part to come yet," My mum reminded me.

"I can't wait," I grimaced.

Me and my mum chatted away for another half an hour before I said goodbye and hung up, continuing with the packing I'd started earlier. Harry had taken Emily to the park so I plugged my headphones into my phone and shuffled all the songs. Hearing the first few cords of A Team by Ed Sheeran come on, I began to produce the words, singing along happily.

White lips, pale face

Breathing in snowflakes

Burnt lungs, sour taste

Light’s gone, day’s end

Struggling to pay rent

Long night’s, strange men


And they say, she’s in the class a team

Stuck in her daydream

Been this way since eighteen, but lately

Here face seems, slowly sinking wasting

Crumbling like pastry, and they scream

The worst things in life come free to us

‘Cause we’re just under the upper hand

And go mad for a couple grams

And she don’t wanna go outside, tonight

And in a pipe she flies to the Motherland

Or sells love to another man

It’s too cold outside for angels to fly

Angels to fly


Ripped gloves, raincoat

Tried to swim and stay afloat

Dry house, wet clothes

Loose change, bank notes

Weary-eyed and dry throat

Call girl, no phone


And they say she’s in the class a team

Stuck in her daydream

Been this way since a team but lately


I jumped when a pair of hands touched my shoulders but relaxed when I turned around, seeing they were Harry's. I took my headphones out and looked at him quizzically.

"Are you ready to go now?" He asked.

"Almost," I sighed, "I just need to pack these last few bits."

He noticed my exhaustion and wrapped his arms around me as I felt the light pressure of his lips on my forehead.

"Don't worry, we're in no rush," He assured me.

"Why don't we just stay another night then? It's late now anyway and I'm just too tired," I suggested.

He nodded and I hid my head further in between us so that only the very top  of my hair could be seen.


"I want this one!" Louis exclaimed as we stood in front of the biggest house yet.

"Lou, it's probably got about twenty bedrooms," I laughed, "It might be better for El is you got something more homely."

He pouted like a five year old and we walked to the car, driving to the next house. The house was quite big, not quite a mansion but that's not what we wanted anyway. After been given a tour of the house, I found out that it was a four-bedroom house with an indoor pool and a gym. Me and Harry shared a knowing look and when we came to a stop back where we started, the salesman left to give us time to talk. Louis had wandered off outside to ring El.

"You want it bad don't you?" He laughed.

"Yeah," I nodded.

He took my had and pulled me outside where the sales person was waiting for us.

"We'll take it," Harry smiled when we came to a stop in front of him and the man nodded his head.

"That's great, I thought you would," The salesman spoke, "If I could just take done your signatures and either of your phone numbers."

Harry leant done and signed the piece of paper and then pulled out his phone to check his number before writing that down underneath it too. I left Harry to speak to the man quickly and walked over to the car where Louis was already sitting in the back seat.

"Get what you want?" Louis raised his eyebrows teasingly when I climbed into the car.

"Of course I did. When do I not?" I smirked, playing along with Louis.

He grinned. "It doesn't work on me, only on Harry. But it's not hard to do that, just watch."

Our conversation stopped when the drivers car door opened and I twisted in my seat when Harry got in the car.

"I think you should get us all McDonalds," Louis spoke, throwing a subtle wink at me.

"And why's that?" Harry asked, starting the car.

"Because you love me," He shrugged.

"Boo, I hate to break it to you. But he loves me, sorry," I flashed him another smirk before continuing, "But Harry, can we get some Nando's?"

"Sure, babe," He smiled and I glanced back to look at Louis who was jokingly glaring at me before I stuck my tongue out at him.

To: Danielle, Niall :P, Liam, Zayn, Laura

Hey, I dunno if any of you guys free but if you are, come meet at Nando's :)x

To: El

We're coming to pick you up if you're okay with Nando's x

"Harry, turn here, we need to pick El and the kids up," I quickly told him before he drove straight past the turning.

He nodded and we soon pulled up outside the house and me and Louis climbed out and he unlocked the door and we walked through to find El in front of the TV with the two kids. Louis pressed a finger to my lips and began tiptoeing over to her and then abruptly placed his hands on her shoulders, causing her to scream and jump up. She turned around and glared at him and he shrugged and smiled innocently. I laughed when she crossed her arms over her chest - when everyone said that Louis and El acted completely the same, it was all true. Even though both of them had matured slightly since Luke was born but they were both still children at heart and they weren't afraid to admit it anyway. Feeling a pair of arms wrap around my leg under the knee, I looked down and saw Emily looking up at me with her father's dimpled smile. I lifted her up and she clapped her hands over the side of my face gently, squishing my cheeks inwards.

"Hello to you, too," I laughed when she took her hands away and giggled at me.


"Yes?" I asked but she just smiled, "Can you two get out of your strops so we can leave, please?"

Louis and El looked over at us and they stuck their tongues out at me before turning around and getting what they needed.

"Ready," They smiled, Luke now rested in El's arms.

"Let's go then."


"I'd like to dedicate this song to someone very special to me and she knows who she is so yeah..." Harry spoke into the microphone at their final concert in London.

I blushed; he'd already told me that he was going to do this but I was still embarrassed when El nudged me with a smirk on her face.

"Better than words, but more than a feeling. Crazy in love, dancing on the ceiling."

When I lifted my gaze up, Harry was looking over at me and I threw him an encouraging smile which he reacted with his own smirk. 

"Every time we touch, I'm all shook up. You make me wanna... How deep is your love? God only knows, baby."

Me and Harry continued our silent conversation, communicating in our own language as he stood in front of seas of screaming fangirls.

"I don't know words to sum it up, 'cause words ain't good enough, there's no way I can explain your love, no. I don't know how else to sum it up, 'cause words ain't good enough, I can't explain your love. It's better than words."

Harry pointed at me and I felt my cheeks redden again even though it was dark and the only person who was actually paying attention to me other than Harry was El. She elbowed me in the side playfully and I rolled my eyes, still not taking my eyes off each other.

"Better than words, you drive me crazy. Someone like you, always be my baby." I looked between Louis and El when he sung his part.

"Stop swooning, it's obvious," I teased.

"Best I ever had, hips don't lie. You make me wanna... One more night. Irreplaceable, crazy, crazy."

"Laura must get it good," El whispered and I burst out laughing.

Laura's eyes grew slightly but then she just rolled her eyes, looking at the state we were in.

"I think you two had a few too many," She laughed and we frowned.

"I only had two," I argued but couldn't stop myself.

"No, you both had two double vodka's remember?" Danielle asked, eyeing the two of us.

"That may be a possibility," El smirked.

"Let's go wait backstage," Laura signalled to Danielle to get me.

"But Harry's singing and I promised I'd watch him," I whined, resisting her, "Just for this song?"

"You can listen from backstage," She pointed out, sighing slightly.

"Fine," I mumbled, folding my arms and letting her push me in the direction of the others. I looked behind me one last time and saw Harry frowning but when he saw me looking he smiled and I did the same back before losing sight of him.

We waited by the sofas backstage and me and El were running around, messing around as well as falling over every minute. 

"You two are gonna hurt either yourselves or each other," Laura scolded, tutting us.

Me and El were in a heap on top of each other on the floor, having tripped over each other while making up a dance, when we heard two voices from above us.

"What are we ever gonna do with these two children?"


Author's Message:

I hope you liked it it! This is probably the best I've written in this book.

I'm going to start updating more, hopefully twice a week. But this book isn't going to last as long as the other as I am thinking of starting the whole series fresh after this book is finished.

Comment what you think.

The ring:

I imagined that ring but without all the jewels on the side, having the three main ones in the middle and then the rest being plain silver. Later on in the book, Ella will find 'H+E' engraved on the ring which will replace the vera wang sign.

- Hazzaismybaby

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