Small Bump

*This is the sequel to I Knew You Were Trouble, this won't make sense to you if you haven't read it yet* Ella's now seven months pregnant and Harry's always on edge, making sure that she's never upset. In a way, Ella can't wait for Emily to arrive so that she'd no longer be the centre of attention. But will everything change for the better when Emily arrives, or will it just cause even more problems?
So much has changed in five months and a lot more is about to. She doesn't realise how much the boys mean to her until they all start acting differently. Is this all because of her Small Bump?
Credit for cover - Stalkerish


14. Important

So as I've mentioned before, I have been thinking about discontinuing this series and rewriting it all again. I have been thinking about it and now decided to go through with it. The new book will be called 'Happily' and it will probably appear on my Wattpad first (same user as this) but it won't be until the summer. I will only be using the main plot of these stories as a basic outline of the book so things will happen a lot differently. All the boys will be playing a larger role and in different ways and George Shelley (Union J) is a very important character. A teaser and the cover will be posted on my Wattpad in a couple of weeks so keep an eye out.

Also, the books written on here will be unpublished once the new book is out so if you want to reread them before they go (even though it was written a year ago and my writing was awful) they will be going soon. The length and quality of writing has changed greatly since the beginning of IKYWT so please don't let it put you off reading the new one.

Thanks :)

- mrshs_19

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