Small Bump

*This is the sequel to I Knew You Were Trouble, this won't make sense to you if you haven't read it yet* Ella's now seven months pregnant and Harry's always on edge, making sure that she's never upset. In a way, Ella can't wait for Emily to arrive so that she'd no longer be the centre of attention. But will everything change for the better when Emily arrives, or will it just cause even more problems?
So much has changed in five months and a lot more is about to. She doesn't realise how much the boys mean to her until they all start acting differently. Is this all because of her Small Bump?
Credit for cover - Stalkerish


4. Christmas Time!

Ella's P.O.V

I woke up and rolled over, further into Harry's arms where he was watching me intently with a smile on his face.

"Merry Christmas, baby," He whispered, caressing my cheek and moving a strand of hair from my eyes.

"Merry Christmas, Haz," I smiled up at him, running my fingertips gracefully over his bare chest, "How can you sleep in just your boxers? It's freezing."

He shrugged before cheekily grinning at me. "You just get used to it. You should try it, too."

"Don't you dare take my clothes off, Harold. I'm cold enough as it is," I scolded.

"Don't call me that," He pouted jokingly.

"Whatever," I rolled my eyes.

"I just put Emily back to sleep, she'll stay asleep for another couple of hours," He winked, kissing my neck, causing a moan to slip out of my mouth.

"What are you suggesting then, Harold?" I momentarily acted dumb.

"You could. Always. Have one. Of your. Presents. Now," He mumbled in between kisses.

"What if I don't want my present now?" I teased.

"You always have to ruin the moment, don't you," He laughed, looking into my eyes, knowing that I couldn't say no to his eyes. His beautiful, deep, emerald green- stop it!

"It's not gonna work," I laughed and he groaned.

I smiled and pulled his chin so that his lips met mine.

"I love you," He smirked, happy that he'd won.

"I love you, too," I giggled.


I pulled on my pyjamas before throwing Harry his boxers. He smiled over at me in satisfaction which I replied with a simple roll of my eyes. We locked our fingers together and walked out of the room, back into Emily's room.

"Morning, sweetie, merry Christmas," I cooed, lifting her into my arms.

She gurgled, almost as if to say it back. Harry looked down at her as she wrapped her tiny fist around his long, slender finger. We began walking into the living room where I sat down on the sofa as Harry took Emily over to the Christmas tree. A couple of minutes, Perrie and Zayn walked through the door.

"Morning," Perrie spoke cheerily.

"Morning," I answered, "You're looking very happy Zayn."

He grimaced and managed a smile. "Well, someone woke me up early."

"What's the time then?" I frowned.

"Six," He muttered.

"Right, I'm going back to bed then," I stood up but Harry pulled me back down.

"Thanks, Zayn," Harry rolled his eyes, causing Zayn to reply with a 'you're welcome'.

Pulling out my phone, I opened up Twitter and began typing something up.

*Merry Christmas, everyone! Sat around the Christmas tree with @Harry_Styles, @PerrieLittleMix and @zaynmalik. And lets not forget my little princess, Emily Anne Styles. Hope everyone has a good Christmas :)x*

"Shall we do Christmas presents now?" Harry asked as I sat down on his lap.

"Might as well," Zayn answered and I almost knew what he was thinking.

I nodded before letting half of my attention turned back to my phone and saw that Louis had replied to my tweet.

*@Louis_Tomlinson: @Ella_Thorpe Merry Christmas to you, too! I just know you'll love my Christmas present ;)x*

I laughed and put my phone away, noticing that someone had thrown something wrapped up at me.

*An hour later*

"Thanks for everything, guys," I smiled, giving each of them a hug.

"Yeah, you, too," Zayn spoke, more awake now.

"I'll meet you back in here at ten. The boys have something to do when we drop Emily off at your mum's," She informed.

I nodded in agreement before walking back into our room with Harry and Emily. Harry sat down on the bed with Emily as I walked over to my wardrobe, debating over my clothes. I decided on a sleeveless black shirt that had a studded collar and some black leggings.

"Your sister just arrived," Harry told me.

"What? Why are they here so early?" I asked.

"Danielle's coming with you to see your mum," He replied.

"Still doesn't explain Liam."

"It's a surprise, babe, you'll have to wait and see," Harry winked, his cheeky grin seemed to be permanently plastered onto his face lately.

"You know I hate surprises," I pouted, "But since it's you."

He laughed and Emily joined. She didn't have a clue what we were talking about she just loved copying Harry and practically everyone else. We seriously have to be careful around her.

"And here's your Christmas present," I reached under the bed before pulling out his present, passing it to him.

"Thanks, baby," He smiled when he opened it.

"Just don't drop this one down the toilet," I teased.

"That was only once," He defended himself.

"I think you're forgetting the time that you dropped mine down the one back at the other house," I rolled my eyes.

"I did get you a new one, though. Speaking of which, did you get yourself another one when you went shopping with the girls?" He questioned.

"I was never really getting myself one in the first place, it was yours. Do you think I'd still be using this if I got myself the one you had," I raised my eyebrows as I held up my iPhone 4.

"S'pose so," He shrugged, pulling me in for a kiss as I covered Emily's eyes.

There was a knock at the door before a throat was cleared.

"This is why you shut the door when you have a sister like mine," I groaned, twisting my head to be met with Danielle's smirking face.

"Nice to see you, too," She laughed.

"What do you want?" I sighed, standing up off the bed and throwing the wrapping paper into the bin.

"To see my favourite little niece," She grinned.

"Correction. She's your only niece. And go ahead," Harry chuckled.

"Whatever," She lifted Emily into her arms.

"Be careful, though. Louis taught her to bite and we still have marks," I giggled, rolling up the sleeve of Harry's jumper.

"Emily did that?" Danielle gasped.

"Nope, we were the test subjects. Most of it's Lou's," I shrugged, me and Harry bursting into laughter at the look of shock on her face.

"We're joking," Harry breathed out.

"Do these honestly look like normal bites to you?" I smirked.

"I don't- wait. You guys are disgusting, I feel so sorry for your daughter," She walked out of the room, Emily in her arms.

"We should definitely do something like that to her, again," I laughed, "But right now I need to get ready. You want me to get you some clothes out?"

He nodded and I threw him a white top, some jeans and a pair of boxers. I quickly put on some foundation, mascara and eyeliner before quickly covering up the chips on my nails with a quick coat of nail varnish. I brushed my hair and left it hanging loose over my shoulders, stepping into my black Jeffery Campbell's.

"You look, beautiful, as always," Harry whispered into my ear, his lips brushing over the back of my neck.

"Well that makes one of us," I grinned.

"It doesn't count 'cause I'm not even dressed yet," He retorted.

I rolled my eyes and walked into the bathroom, picking up my toothbrush and the toothpaste. Turning on some music, I began brushing my teeth, bobbing my head to the music occasionally.

"That's a lot better," I smiled, kissing him on the cheek and grabbing my leather jacket off of my chair.

Harry smiled over at me. "You ready?"

I nodded and we walked out of the room, hand in hand. We made our way into our living room where Perrie and Danielle were sat on the floor with Emily while Zayn and Liam were talking about something on the sofa.

"Wow, never thought I'd see it, Zayn's smiling and it's not even twelve o'clock yet," I laughed.

He rolled his eyes and pulled me down when I walked past him, tickling my sides.

I gasped. "No... Zayn... please stop... Zayn, please."

He reluctantly let me go, me slipping onto the floor where Emily crawled over to me, sitting on my lap.

"Em, shall we take you to your nan's?" I asked, but she just ignored me, "Sorry but you don't really have a choice."

Harry came to sit down next to me, lifting Emily into his arms. She giggled and he kissed her forehead; running his fingers over her head which was bare except for the few centimetre-long wisps of hair. I smiled at the two of them before standing up and walking over to where Emily’s stuff was, double-checking that everything was in there.


To: Mum

I’m just about to leave mine, see you in a bit xx


I felt strong arms wrap around my waist and knew it was Harry.

"Don’t come in here until Perrie says," He whispered into my ear.

"Haz, you know I hate surprises," I whined.

"That’s why I did it," He chuckled, turning me around and kissing my nose.

"I gotta take her to my mum’s now, I’ll be home in a couple of hours," I informed.

"I would ask you to stay but then it’d ruin the surprise," He smirked.

"I’d be okay with that," I smiled, "But then we wouldn’t be able to go out with the other’s tonight."

He pulled me in for a quick kiss before hugging Emily for the last time when Perrie and Danielle walked through the door.

"Alright, lovebirds, it’s time to wrap it up," Danielle laughed.

"In case you didn’t notice, that’s what we were doing," I rolled my eyes.

"Stop arguing and let’s go. Just ring me when I can bring her in so we can get her ready," Perrie smiled, taking Emily from his arms.

I picked up Emily’s overnight bag and we walked out of the apartment and over to where I was parked. Giving Harry one quick kiss, I climbed into the drivers seat and put the key in the ignition.

Perrie buckled Emily into her car seat and Danielle sat in the passenger seat next to me.

I looked at Perrie through the mirror. "Ready?"

"Yeah, let’s get this show on the road," She giggled.


"Hi, Mum," I smiled as she took Emily from my arms.

"Hello, darling," She pulled me in for a brief one-arm hug, "Sam’s in the living room. Do you girls want anything to drink.

"Coke, please, Mum," Danielle answered.

"Yeah, me, too," Perrie agreed and I nodded.

The three of us walked into the lounge, leaving my mum with Emily.

"Sam," I greeted and he opened his arms for a hug.

I willingly stepped into them and wrapped my own around his back.

"How’s Em?" He asked.

"She’s fine, you’re stuck with her until tomorrow when me and Harry come down," I laughed.

"But she’s so adorable," He grinned.

"Yeah, just be careful what you do. She likes to copy people all the time."

He nodded and I told the others I’d be back before walking over to the kitchen. I hopped up onto the counter, next to where my mum was making breakfast.

"Mumma," A voice spoke shakily.

"Who was that?" I asked, jumping down.

"Emily, who else?" My mum looked over at me.

I walked over to Emily and lifted her into my arms. "Clever girl."

She kept mumbling the same word over and over again. I kissed her hand and picked up two of the coke bottles, taking them into the lounge where the others were.

"Dadda?" Emily asked as I passed Danielle and Perrie their drinks.

"Maybe I should leave you with auntie Danielle more often," I laughed.

"I'm more thank okay with that," She smiled up at me.

"Then you won't mind looking after her now while I go and get my drink then," I smirked and she nodded, taking Emily onto her lap.

I walked back into the kitchen where my mum handed me a plate of eggs, hash browns and sausages.

"You read my mind, Mum," I laughed, "You look really tired, though, are you sure you're alright to have Em?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, Sam's girlfriend's coming over in a few hours so I had to go last-minute shopping," She sighed.

"Aww, Mum, if she's anything like Sam then she won't care," I assured her.

"That'll be her now, is it alright if you wait in here while I go get the door?" My mum asked, jumping up the minute she heard a knock on the door.

"Of course, Mum, I do have to leave in an hour at the latest, though," I reminded her.

She nodded before walking out of the kitchen and over to the front door where I heard a voice that I recognised but was unsure who it was. Letting my curiosity get the better of me, I walked into the living room, sitting down next to Danielle and putting all my attention on Emily.

"Ella," Sam spoke.

"Hmm?" My head shot up and I almost screamed and choked on my coke when I saw the girl sat on his lap.

I stood up and walked out of the room, trying to compose myself.

Taylor. Taylor Swift. The one that tried to destroy my relationship and take my boyfriend away from me. I couldn't stay in this house any longer but I couldn't bring myself to leave Emily here either.

In a panic, I dialled Harry's number and he picked up instantly.

"Missing me already?" Harry chuckled down the phone.

"Harry, she's here," I told him.

"Who? Ella what's wrong?" He asked, worry taking over his voice.

"Taylor," I answered.

"Just come home then."

"I don't want to leave Emily here anymore, what am I supposed to do, Harry?"

"Calm down, just tell your mum you need to go home. You know that she won't let anything happen to Em, she adores her," He somehow managed to soothe me with his words of wisdom.

"Thanks, Harry. Oh, I almost forgot. She said her first two words," I lightened up.

"Really? But she's not that old."

"I know, she takes after you."

"Both of us," He corrected.

"Mainly you, she's always gonna be a daddy's girl," I replied.

"Don't doubt yourself, babe," He lsughed, "Anyway, we'll talk later but go speak to your mum, I'll see you in a bit. Just stay calm and don't panic or doing anything stupid."

"Alright, mum," I giggled.

"Bye, Elz," He hung up the phone and I sighed.

Taking a deep breath, I slowly walked back into the lounge where everyone was staring.

"Sorry about that, had to make a phone call," I sort-of lied, "Umm, Mum, I have to go now. It was nice seeing you."

"But you haven't even opened your presents," My mum began.

"I thought we were saving that until yesterday, anyway," I hurriedly spoke as I passed Emily to her.

"What's wrong?" My mum asked as I leant over her.

"Please don't let anything happen to her for me, Mum. That's Taylor, the girl I was telling you about so I'll ring you in a couple of hours to check everything's alright," I whispered into her ear.

"I will. Have a safe journey back," She agreed.

"Where are you going?" Sam frowned.

"Home," Danielle spat, clearly remembering that day and I knew that Perrrie did as well just by the look in her eyes.

"Come on, let's go," I gave Emily a quick kiss on her forehead and my mum a hug.

"Bye, Em, don't do too much without me," Danielle giggled, playing with her fingers before reaching up to my mum.

"Bye, Emily, bye, Carly," Perrie smiled.

"Goodbye, girls," My mum answered as we walked out of the front door.


"Close your eyes," Perrie warned as we walked up to the apartment door.

I did as I was told and I felt her wrap her own hands in front of them so that I was unable to see anything at all. I laughed as she pushed me through the door and steered me left, the way to my bedroom.

"Sit down," She instructed and seconds later, I was sat in front of the mirror.

Perrie twisted the chair round so she couldn’t see what make up she was putting on me. She turned on some music and I hummed along to myself, wishing I could just stand up and walked out of the room, finding out what the surprise was.

After a couple of minutes, I got bored and pulled out my phone.


To: Nialler

Hey, I’m being forced to sit in a chair and have my hair and make up done, can we talk ? X


I sighed and waited for him to reply, quickly turning over the song before it could annoy me too much.


From: Nialler

Umm… I can’t right now but I’ll see you later at Lou's, yeah?x


I groaned and looked up at Perrie, annoyance all over my face.

"Are you done yet?" I frowned.

"Almost, get changed into this," She held up a short dress that was white at the top with a blue flowy skirt.

It was crossed over at the back and was strapless. [Dress at the end] After I’d changed into it, Perrie handed me a pair of white strapless platform heels, telling me to put them on.

"Now open your eyes," Perrie laughed, pulling me over to the full-length mirror.

I gasped when I looked up. My eyes were smoky and she’d managed to make my eyes pop and stand out, matching the shade on the dress. She’d made my lips a dark red with a hint of blush to my cheeks. A single chain hung around my neck and it was Harry’s ‘paper plane’ one.

"Thank you, Pez," I smiled, running my things through my loose curls.

"Now everyone can see your new tattoo," She giggled, clearly impressed with herself.

I turned around and, as Perrie had stated, my tattoo was on full view. A couple of weeks ago, the two of us had gone to the tattoo parlour where I got a feather tattoo with bits of it drifting away into birds just below my shoulder. Only her and Harry knew about it, though.

"Perfect," I grinned.

"It’s time for me to go, wait a couple of minutes before meeting Harry in the lounge," She walked out of the room before I even had a chance to say goobye.

I ran my fingers over my dress and sat down on the bed, deciding to make Harry wait as payback that I had to. Giving up on that plan, I stood up and walked slowly out of the room.

"Harry?" I called out, taking a step into the room.


So you’re friends been telling me

You’ve been sleeping with my sweater

And that you can’t stop missing me

Bet my friends been telling you

I’m not doing much better

‘Cause I’m missing half of me


I heard Harry’s voice close and the strumming of a guitar. I spun on my heel, checking he wasn’t behind me, to find empty space.


And being here without you

Is like I’m waking up to

Only half a blue sky

Kinda there but not quite

I’m walking round with just one shoe

I’m half a heart without you

I’m half a man at best

With half an arrow in my chest

I miss everything we do

I’m half a heart without you


He knew how much I loved this song. I closed my eyes, focusing only on the sound of his voice.


Forget all we said that night

No, it doesn’t even matter

‘Cause we both got split in two

If you could spare an hour or so

We’ll go for lunch down by the river

We can really talk it through


When I opened my eyes, Harry was sitting on the floor in front of me, singing and playing his guitar as if it were as easy as breathing.


And being here without you

Is like I’m waking up to

Only half a blue sky

Kinda there but not quite

I’m walking round with just one shoe

I’m half a heart without you

I’m half a man at best

With half an hour in my chest

I miss everything we do

I’m half a heart without you

I’m half a heart without you

I'm half a heart without you


Though I try to get you out of my head

The truth is I got lost without you

And since then I’ve been waking up to


Only half a blue sky

Kinda there but not quite

I’m walking round with just one shoe

I’m half a heart without you

I’m half a man at best

With half an arrow in my chest

I miss everything we do

I’m half a heart without you


Without you, without you, half a heart without you

Without you, without you, I’m half a heart without you


He stood up and walked towards me, me closing the distance and wrapping my arms around him.

"I wrote that song about you when I was away for tour. Liam helped me with a few lines though," He whispered into my ear.

"And that’s why I love you," I laughed, a smile growing on my face

"I love you, too," He smiled back, wrapping his arm around me tighter.

I looked up at him, there was still a few inches between us even though my shoes made me about three inches taller.

"And I got you this," He smirked, holding up a wrapped box.

"Let me guess," I rolled my eyes, tearing off the paper and revealing an iPhone box, "Thanks, Haz."

"I was gonna take you out for lunch but then I remembered the plans we’d made with the others so it’ll have to wait a week or so," He chuckled.

"It’s fine, this is perfect. Thank you, Harry," I pulled back from our long-lasting hug and sat down on the sofa behind me.

"I prefer your hair like this," Harry twisted one of my curls in his fingers as he sat down next to me.

"Like what?" I asked, slipping my shoes off.

"Without the blonde," He answered.

"Me too," I agreed.

"We’re supposed to be at Lou’s in like ten minutes, you ready?"

"Just need to change my shoes, those ones are killing me," I told him and we walked into my bedroom.

I pulled on a pair of white flats that I'd had time to break in, unlike the other pair.

"I'll sort your new phone out later," Harry offered and I nodded, picking up my current one.

He grabbed his, having already changed the sim and stuff before we walked out of the apartment hand in hand. We climbed into the car and Harry headed in the direction of Lou and El's new place.

"Well your early, that's definitely a first," Louis teased when he opened the door.

"We only live down the road, idiot," I rolled my eyes.

Walking through to the living room, El came over and gave me a hug.

"I have something to tell you, but you have to promise not to tell anyone, except Harry," She whispered into my ear.

"I promise," The minute those two words slipped out of my mouth, she dragged me into another room.

"I'm pregnant," She breathed out.

"Well fuck," I blurted, "I mean, congratulations."

I gave her another hug before pulling away.

"I don't think you should go to the club tonight, El. I know you won't drink but when I was pregnant and went on a night out, it was so tempting watching everyone else. And this one will be worse," I warned.

"I thought that but what would we tell the others?" She asked.

"Sorry if this sounds dumb, but does Louis know?"


"Okay, right so we tell the others that I'm missing Emily so I won't be able to have fun and we'll stay home. Perrie and Danielle will probably stay with us then it'll be a boys' night," I concluded.

"Got it, is that an actual excuse or..?"

"Sort of, I need to ring my mum and make sure Harry's psycho ex hasn't put anyone in hospital," I sighed.

"Why would that happen? What's Taylor got to do with this?" She frowned.

"She's Sam's new girlfriend," I groaned, "But it's still alright to tell Harry, yeah?"

She nodded and we walked to find Harry and Lou.

"We're staying in, just go along with what we say," El told them and Harry frowned, not understanding.

"El's pregnant," I explained and he spoke a congratulations, "But shut up about it."

"I wasn't-" He lied.

"That's what you told me twice before," I cut him off.


"Bye, everyone," Me and El waved as the boys, Perrie and Danielle walked out of the house.

The two of us sat down on the floor, cross-legged and facing each other.

"What first?" El asked.

"I need to re-do my nails. Harry did them," I laughed, holding up my hands.

"I'll go get the stuff, could you go grab some drinks from the fridge?" She asked and I nodded, standing up and walking in the direction of the fridge.


Author's Message:

I know Christmas has gone so this is a bit late. But I hope you liked it anyway.

Question: Where are you from?

Me: Kent, England

Comment where you're from!


Here's Ella's dress :) 

- Hazzaismybaby

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