Louis & Blue

Louis - Always there, knowing when she's mad without looking at her face. Always waiting, hoping she'll press her lips to his. Always laughing before she tells the joke.
Blue - Always smiling, knowing he's sad without seeing his tears. Always loving, caring even though there were days when he didn't. Always wishing before the shooting star appears.


1. louis

I slumped down onto my regular seat on the ugly red school bus. On the bus to Oideachas Academy, I had mentally arranged everyone I knew into a well-known seating chart. It was pretty simple, to be honest; the loners and social rejects sat in the front, the rowdy jerks and popular kids sat at the back and the bit-of-both people sat in the middle. I always sat closer to the back, considering I was not-really-friends with the most popular dickhead at school, Nathan.

And right now, he was talking about sex (not like that's unusual).

"I'm telling you, Tanya, there's such a thing as the 'whack-a-mole' position!"

Tanya was the school slut, but still extremely popular based on the fact that she had sex with Nathan every other weekend.

Whilst attempting to ignore the idiots shouting over each other and throwing paper balls about, a girl stumbled through the doors of the bus right before they closed.

Looking around, she cast her eyes disdainfully around the rows of seats, analyzing if where she sat would get her killed or not.

The first thing I noticed where her shoes, mainly because I had a habit of keeping my head down - which was considered a good thing at OA.

The bus driver was shouting from the front, telling her to sit down or she'd end up flat on her ass when he started up the engine. But when I looked up, I understood her dilemma. There was nowhere to sit. Some people had even gone so far as to put their bags beside them so the bench was filled.

I could relate to those people, too. She didn't really look like she belonged anywhere at all. Her hair was a sky-blue colour with bubble-gum pink highlights and bright blue eyes. She had a heart-shaped face and plump pink-red lips but had paper clips in her ears instead of earrings. And a guys black and white checkered shirt was on her torso, looking baggy, the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. On her wrists she wore hundreds of multicoloured bracelets; thick ones, skinny ones, beaded ones, charm bracelets. They were mesmerizing to look at, but I continued my staring. She wore grey stone-washed skinny jeans and white converse with doodles on them. She was a good drawer, you could tell. But she was the odd-one-out. A loner, a nobody; a misfit.

Like me. But nobody was going to know that because I 'hung out' with Nathan (we sat at the same lunch table once) Tylers who was still discussing whether 'whack-a-mole' was a sex position or an arcade game. According to Nathan, it was both.

"I'll try it on you, sometime, Tanya," Nathans mate David winked and made a thrusting gesture.

"SIT DOWN!" The bus driver was shouting now, honking his horn and causing New Girl to practically fall into some losers lap. And I happened to be that loser.

"Fuck, he said sit down on a seat, not on a student!" I hissed quietly, and New Girl blushed and sat beside me instead of on me.

"Sorry," she murmured, her sky-blue bangs falling into her eyes. They weren't blue, though. They were a deep green, clashing with her hair and everything else. None of it matched at all, and she looked weird. But I couldn't stop myself from staring at her. So I did the only thing I could think of. Taking my ear buds I put them both in and turned my iPod up as loud as it would go and tried to avoid conversation by listening to 'Kryptonite' by 3 Doors Down.

When the bus stopped outside OA, New Girl was off the bus faster than I could say 'mouldy banana', leaving the rest of the bus to laugh at her hasty exit. I didn't feel bad for her. It was her own fault, wearing all those bright colours and jingly bracelets. It was like she wanted people to make fun of her.

I got off the bus after everyone else but when the crowd cleared, New Girl was standing there, some of her bubblegum highlights lifting from the slight breeze.

She stopped me by grabbing my bicep.

I turned towards her, frustrated. She was going to make me a) late for my first class, and b) even more pissed that she would bother to speak to me after the whole bus scenario.


I stared at her for a second, at her deep leaf-green eyes and her blue hair and I wanted to hit something. For no reason at all.

"For what," I hissed, "saving you ass on the bus or stopping you from becoming the laughing stock of the whole school? Pick one."

She turned towards the school and gestured vaguely in the direction of a group of giggling girls, then turned back to me, her eyes pleading for something I couldn't give.

"You may have saved my ass on the bus, but this is a whole other ball game."

Then she turned and bolted into the school, past the group of girls, leaving me standing there.

Alone and confused and pissed.

Not about school or the bus or Nathan.

But New Girl. And I didn't even know her name.


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