Sydney Hill Year 1

Sydney Hill has moved from the US to Britain and is still adjusting to her new life. One morning she gets a letter from Hogwarts and it changes her life forever. She heads to Hogwarts and makes some friends and some enemies.

Sorry for any spelling/grammar/formatting mistakes.


6. The First Day

"Wake up!" Savannah yelled. Sydney groaned and turned over. "C'mon! It's the first day, remember?" Sydney sat up and rubbed her eyes. Her hair was frizzy and stuck up from sleep.

"I'm up," Sydney moaned. Everybody slowly got up and climbed down the ladder from the bunk beds. Sydney grabbed her uniform and pulled it on. She looked in disgust at the skirt, but pulled it on anyways. She pulled on her robe, now blue for Ravenclaw, and headed to the bathroom. She pulled her hair up into a ponytail then twirled it and wrapped it around so it was in a high bun. She brushed her teeth and washed her face.

Sydney headed to the common room and sat down in a plush armchair to wait. Pretty soon, everybody trickled out of the dormitories. Jonathan came and sat by her as she waited for the other girls.

"Good morning," he said.

"Good morning. Did you sleep well?" Sydney asked.

"Like a rock," he laughed. The rest of the first years came out and they walked down to the Great Hall together. Sydney spotted Annie and Albus and she waved. They waved back and turned around to eat breakfast.

The Ravenclaws sat down at their table and loaded up their plates with food. Sydney grabbed eggs, bacon, and a chocolate chip muffin. After awhile, Professor Adetha, the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and head of Ravenclaw house, came down the table and passed out the schedules.

"Ooh, we have Charms with the Gryffindors first period!" Sydney exclaimed.

"That means we can talk with Albus and Annie," Jonathan pointed out.

"Yep," Sydney said. She looked over at Albus and Annie and saw them laughing with the redheaded girl from dinner. Sydney finished eating and waited for Annie and Albus at the doors. They walked up with the redheaded girl.

"Hey, Sydney!" Annie exclaimed.

"Hi. Hey, Albus," Sydney greeted them.

"This is my cousin, Rose," Albus introduced them to the redheaded girl.

"I'm Sydney. Nice to meet you," Sydney shook hands with her. Rose smiled and Jonathan introduced himself. After introductions were made, they headed to Charms on the second floor. Albus led them confidently up the moving staircases and to the classroom without getting lost once. They lined up and waited for Professor Ingle to let them in.

Professor Ingle gestured for them to come in. Nancy Ingle was a small, petite woman with black hair and brown eyes.

"Please sit anywhere," she commanded. Sydney, Jonathan, Annie, Albus, and Rose all sat in the same row of desks in the second row. "Wands out." Everybody took out their wands and Professor Ingle waved hers and feathers floated out and landed on each desk. She taught them a levitating spell, Wingardium Leviosa. Sydney was one of the first students to get it right.

"Well done, Miss?" She inquired.

"Hill," Sydney blushed deeply at the attention. She might enjoy a little attention, but with everyone staring at her, she was shy.

"Miss Hill! 5 points to Ravenclaw."



I'm going to leave off there for now and resume this chapter later.

On an unrelated note, I think I found the perfect song that describes how Snape and Lilly had their falling out and how Snape feels later. It's called "If She Could See Me Now" by Jason Aldean. (It's a country song)

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