Matt Johnson has had a horrible life for as long as he could remember. His life is an ideal hell. His father treats him with no respects, he is treated like a ghost at school and to top it off, he can't escape this.

Its Emma's first day at secondary school. Her life is unbearable. Her family treat like a slave and everyone treats her like an idiot and yet she can't escape this.

That is until the two meet...


2. Rushed

A sharp blow brought me back to reality.

“Matthew, stop daydreaming and get up you stupid boy.” Another sharp blow fully woke me up. I was in the kitchen. I must have fallen asleep whilst studying. My maths book was clinging onto my face and it was soaked. Drat. I must have spilt something onto it while I was asleep. Great. The water has got onto my maths work and my homework.

“Cook me breakfast twerp.”

He hit me again before he walked back to the sitting room, with a newspaper in his hand. I slowly got up and walked towards the fridge. Its cold air hit me in the face, but it was the bare fridge that concerned me. All that was in it was a couple of rotten fruit, a carton of eggs and a carton of orange juice. A poured myself a glass of juice and sighed. I could make him breakfast and then get beaten for not making him the right breakfast or I could run out that door and get beaten anyway or…

“Twerp, I need my food you idiot.”

I looked up at the clock. 8:15. Oh no, the bus was going to turn up any minute. I had two options, one, I could cook breakfast and skip school, again or make a run for it. Without thinking, I grabbed my school bag and ran out the back door. I just needed to run to the bus and I could escape for a couple of hours...


“Come back here you idiot.” I sprinted towards the front of the bungalow. I had to either wait for a bus or I could try and find my bike, but that could take a lot of time and what if he finds me, in the shed? That could be the end of me. He could lock me in there, or worse, threaten me with one of the weapons inside. A yellow bus rolled pass the bungalow. Now would be my only choice. I sprinted towards the vehicle, each ear exploding with Father’s screams.

“Get back here.”

“Your dead little boy.”

“I am your father, you idiot, you do as I say.”

I was only a few feet away before I could hear a chain- saw in the background. He wouldn’t? No while there were witnesses around, but then again, no one can see him running. The bungalow is covered with trees and bushes. Besides, no one bothers to notice this stop anyway.  I was almost there, just a few more steps.

With a final leap, I landed face first onto the bus. He won’t be able to catch me now, but I know that I haven’t heard the end of it yet.

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