Matt Johnson has had a horrible life for as long as he could remember. His life is an ideal hell. His father treats him with no respects, he is treated like a ghost at school and to top it off, he can't escape this.

Its Emma's first day at secondary school. Her life is unbearable. Her family treat like a slave and everyone treats her like an idiot and yet she can't escape this.

That is until the two meet...


1. Prologue

“Everyone has secrets,” she says, “some should stay secret until the end.”

We were both lying on the grass at my… our special forest. It was spring; the smell of lavender filled the place. The scenery was bright and colourful, full of the green from the leaves.

“Is something bothering you?”

I’ve been asked this a hundred times but the answer is always the same.

“No, I’m fine,” the scars were burning now.

She turned to face me. Oh, how could I lie to her, beautiful, smart,  funny, perfect… 

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