Story Of My Life

Hey I'm Dakoda Maxwell, I'm 18, i live in Ireland. I have cover green eyes. I'm single and i love one direction.
I'm not a crazed fan that will scream and cry when they see one direction. But i will say is Kevin the pigeon
when i see a pigeon not go OMG IT'S FUCKING KEVIN THE PIGEON!! i have a 15 year old brother Mitchel and that's me.


3. thank god...

Dakodas p.o.v.


oh no he found me. I quickly run to the office blocks nearby.  I can hear his hear his heavy breathing. ''Koda, come out, come out where ever you are. 3,2,1.... ''  I feel my heart rate increase. ''GOT YA''  Ha ha idiot wrong building. ''I'll get you this time.'' i hear the crunch of the rocks under his feet get closer then stop. ''3. 2. 1!'' He springs towards me ''AHHHH!!'' I scream. Then i run for dear life. ''GET BACK HERE DAKODA NOW YOU LITTLE RAT!!!''  I ran back to the park, ''I think I lost him'' I whispered to myself. I sit down on a slide to catch my breath. Once I did i saw a familiar figure. ''Who are you'' I half shouted to the person. ''The question is who are you.'' They said. 

Great they decide to rafiki when I need it but, how did they know...

I sprung up out of bed in an instant. ''Well great now I can't sleep. fuck'' I said under my breath. I grab my phone and text my best friend Elizabeth. d= dakoda e=elizabeth

d=hey girl I am so bored.

e= I'll come over

d=ok but its like 5:56 am

e=see you in 5 mins ok

d=see you soon girl

end of conversation.

 so I have Elizabeth coming over so lets get some tubs of ice cream, sour patch kids and just food

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