Never would of guessed

Chloe is just a normal teenage girl with a dad who is a manger so what is going to happen when her dad starts to manage One direction her and her BFFs favourite band and are caught up in love .


7. Telling them about us.

Chloe's POV

"Anyone seen Freya?" I ask the boys

"Nope" or "No Sorry" was what they would say, and when I asked about niall they said the same thing...Strange I needed some fresh air as I make my way too the door in bursts Freya, followed by niall

"I found you where-" I asked but couldn't finish as Freya grabbed my wrist and dragged me into the empty lounge.

"Hey!" nards says to us

"oh Good!" Freya says "Your already here know I won't have to go and find you."

"what" nardia asks

"couldn't of asked better myself" I say Freya rolls her eyes

"Well..." nardia says

"Tell us!" I eager her on

"I would if you two would shut up!"  we all laugh "okay,"  she says freya told us the whole story of how she was with niall and how they kissed. "sooooo are you dating?" me and nardia both ask she smiled a huge smile and nodded  we squeal and have a group hug.


Chloe's POV

We were all sat in the lounge when zayn suggested we play a game

"TRUTH OR DARE!!!" Louis screamed making us all crack up we started our game and nardia asked niall truth or dare

"Truth," he said

"Hmm... OH are you and freya dating?" she asked

"yes we are" he said smiling at her

"Did I miss something??" Louis asked

"apparently we all did!" liam said

"Not all of us" I added "me and nards knew" we continued our game until everyone went of to bed, harry smiled at me and picked me up bridal style and dropping me on to the bed. Suddenly his lips were on mine and before I knew what was going on  it happened. ;)


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