Never would of guessed

Chloe is just a normal teenage girl with a dad who is a manger so what is going to happen when her dad starts to manage One direction her and her BFFs favourite band and are caught up in love .


8. Stranger at the door

Chloe's POV


I woke up the next morning and rolled over to see harry wasn't there...Were could he to decided get up and ask the others but they weren't there either I was alone...where are they without me ? I felt kinda hurt they all left me behind I sighed " I guess its just you and me couch!" I say as 

I flop down and turn on the TV I only just started to watch it when there was a sudden pound at the door, I felt scared if it was one of the guys or freya they would just walk in so who could it be?

I got up and carefully made my way to the peep hole...there stood a tall mean looking man and in his hand was...WAS A KNIFE!! I ran upstairs quickly and got out my phone as the pounding got louder I felt a tear go down my face as I flicked through my contacts I phoned everyone and no one picked up suddenly I heard a shout "HARRY YOU BASTARD YOU GOT MY GOD DAMN GIRLFRIEND PREGNANT NOW COME HERE AND DIE!!!" Wait what Harry , Girlfriend, Pregnant, no it can't be...Quickly I called niall he picked up thank god

"What's wrong?" he asked

"How do you know something is up?"

You never call me chloe... something's wrong," he sounded concerned

"Someone's at the door with a knife...."

"I'll be right there wait for me round the back."


Niall finally came as I climbed in his car I broke down sobbing.

"n-niall," I say

"yes?" he asked

"the person...was looking for harry" I told him in-between  sobs

"What did he do?" the concern in his voice raised.

"he got a girl...pregnant"

"That dick!" he replied "it's okay" he held me close I felt safe in his arms I knew I could trust him was I falling for him...NO I can't be he is one of my best friends and my BFFS boyfriend but I knew I really was... Am I in love with niall??

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