Never would of guessed

Chloe is just a normal teenage girl with a dad who is a manger so what is going to happen when her dad starts to manage One direction her and her BFFs favourite band and are caught up in love .


15. Since When?

Chloe's POV

On the other side of the door was Louis and Nardia practically sucking each others face's off! harry slapped his hand around my mouth obviously knowing I would scream or say something, he quietly closes the door and we turn around everyone giving us the 'what the hell' look,

I slapped harry's hand away "Seriously if you would of kept your hand there any longer I would of been forced to bite it!" I state and he chuckles as everyone-except Nardia and Louis- are still staring at us like we belong in the mental hospital. "No Nandos for them." harry chuckles

"But you didn't even ask?" Niall questions obviously confused 

"There a little busy," I awkwardly say as harry chuckles again

"Yea a little busy swallowing each other!"  Harry says back finally answering niall's question of why we didn't ask.

Freya laughs and looks at me, "Didn't she say she liked Louis when we were up in your room that one time?" Freya questions a smirk playing on her lips. I nod and everyone chuckles

"Well if you had this conversation with her then who did you's two say you liked?" harry questions me and freya as he raises his eyebrow, I blushed as freya quietly speaks

"Weeeel, I accutaly date him!" freya states as niall seems to have the happiest look on his face.

"Same.i date the guy I said I liked too." I say as a see harry pulling his signature cheeky grin. That's when zayn puts his hand to his heart and puts a sad look on his face, "Liam I feel left out!" he fake sobs as he jumps on liam and pretends to sob into his shoulder.

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