Never would of guessed

Chloe is just a normal teenage girl with a dad who is a manger so what is going to happen when her dad starts to manage One direction her and her BFFs favourite band and are caught up in love .


3. Secerts come out...



Harry's POV


All the guys were ready and we were waiting on the girls when suddenly nardia (or nards as we have been calling her) Freya And Chloe came down Chloe looked stunning I think she seen me staring as she started to shuffle her feet They all had Dresses on and there hair down why does Chloe have to look so amazing.

"wow" I say to her when all the others leave for the car " you look stunning" she blushes bright red

"Thanks Harry that means a lot" she says kissing me friendly on the cheek feeling her soft lips brushing up against my cheek I wish she would actually kiss me....


Chloe's POV

We finally got seated and the boys went to get some fresh air except for niall and Louis who had went to the toilet

"How's it going with Harry " Freya asks

"yea" Nards says

"Well he complimented me on my dress but that's it I really like him though" I say

"Oh we know and now Niall does too!" Nardia says pointing at niall behind us he quickly ran off shouting for harry I run after him but it was too late HE TOLD HARRY MY SECERT. I stand there shocked until harry looks up at me, I feel tears in my eyes and that is when I start to run

I hear the boys and my friends shouting me but I just run I don't know were too go but I run not caring about the footsteps behind me....finally I reach a bench and start to bawl my eyes out I can't believe it how would I face harry or the boys again I hate niall for this even if he does start to date Freya.  after crying for ten minutes I feel someone pick me up over there shoulders and start running there shoulder digging into my stomach with each step it was harry! he took me round the back of the restaurant, slowly he removes my hands from my face and lifts my face up so that we made eye contact he was so close to me as another tear rolled down my cheek he wiped it away still not saying anything but before I could speak he crashed his lips onto mine his soft lips kissing mine and soon I feel his tongue in my mouth so I do the same after the kiss we both pull away panting for breath as we entwine our fingers in each others he smiled at me "I loved ever since I first saw you" he says softly into my ear

"I loved you before you even knew I existed" I told him as he takes me back into the restaurant "should we tell them" I ask

"not yet..." he replies

we walk in just as everyone is finishing and Payed

"Sorry we finished are you coming" Liam asked us

"yea how about we stay the night at mine considering its big enough" zayn suggests

we all agree and hop into the car.

*****Authors note******

Chloe's dress= Black

Nardia's dress= Pink

Freya's dress= Cream


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