Never would of guessed

Chloe is just a normal teenage girl with a dad who is a manger so what is going to happen when her dad starts to manage One direction her and her BFFs favourite band and are caught up in love .


6. Niall & Freya

Freya's POV


***Couple of weeks later at the holiday home***


I was sat in the kitchen when niall came in looking bored

"hey" I say to him I look up from my magazine and our eyes meet

"hi!" he replies "I'm sick of watching the love birds sit in there and kiss" he says

I laugh well right now I don't think I'm doing anything," I say closing my magazine

"really!" he says as his eyes light up I quickly attack him playfully by jumping on his back

"ohh you asked for it" he says as he starts running round the house we laugh until we are both tired and I plop of his back before I could stop my self I quickly leaned forward and kissed him. he pulled away and looked at me shocked I felt the tears prick in my eyes as I got up and ran

"FREYA WAIT!!" I hear him shout but I keep running not looking back and the tears fall. God I'm so stupid why would I do that!! way to go Freya!!!! I slump my back up against the wall and slid down. I was still crying when suddenly someone took my hands away from my face...It was Niall.

"go on then tell me you just want to be friends," I say to him he gave me a confused look and suddenly his lips were on mine and he kissed me passionately it lasted forever and when we finally came up we were both smiling

"call this the start of OUR life!" he says

"I love you niall"

"I love you more" he says softly

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