101 Ways To Annoy People

101 Funny Ways to Annoy People!


1. How To Annoy People Who Hate 1D

1. Talk in a British accent all day.

2. Sing their album whenever and wherever

3. Whenever they ask a question answer: " NO JIMMY PROTESTED!"

4. Say "Vas Happenin" instead of "what's happening"

5. Scream very loudly when you just hear them mention one direction

6. Pretend to have a heart attack when they say they don't like one direction

7. Scream when you see a spoon

8. Do the pat the dog and screw the light bulb in public

9. Scream " Get out of my kitchen" randomly

10. Put up a thousand posters of them in your room and make out with them in front of your friends.

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