You've Changed 2

Juliet Payne has been gone for almost two years.She was promised to only be gone for one,but plans change.People change,she changed.In more ways than one.
Harry hasn't changed though.He's been looking for her for the past two years.But he doesn't know that she left for a good reason.He just thinks that she stopped loving him.But boy is he wrong.


9. Chapter 9

Juliet's POV


"W-Who are you."I stuttered out.I heard a low chuckle.

"Your friend,your lover,your enemy,your worst nightmare."The voice whispered into my ear.All the blood had drained out of my face and I was as pale as a ghost.


"I'm glad you recognize my voice.I'm flattered."I knew he was smirking that stupid smirk of his that once upon a time ago I loved.

"I-I though y-you were d-dead."Why am I stuttering? Oh right,I HAVE A FUCKING GUN AGAINST MY HEAD!

"Silly girl,that was my twin.Remember? Jason."Oh right,the sweet brother.Why did I have to pick the evil brother? We turned our attention to the back door that busted open by Harry and the boys.Mason switched the gun to his other hand and held me by my arm.He held the gun against the right side of my head so that the boys could see it.He then seemed to change his mind and pointed the gun straight at Harry.I let a cry escape my lips.

"Kiss me,or your little boyfriend gets it."Mason threatened.

"Juliet,don't listen to him."Harry told me.

"H-"Mason shot the wall right next to Harry's head.I grabbed his face and smashed my lips onto his.Tears escaped as he started to kiss me back.He wreaked of cigarets.I could taste the tobacco on his lips.For a second,his soft lips sparked a memory inside of me.The first time we kissed.We were at a beach and he had tripped.He brought me down with him and we laughed. That was the first kiss I had with Mason.I had realized that we had pulled away and that I was just staring at the floor now.My phone started to ring and Mason turned his attention to me.

"Hand it over."He demanded.I hesitantly gave him my phone.He threw it on the floor and smashed it with his foot.

"But,I just got that phone."I whispered.

"I'll get you a new phone.Now c'mon."He grabbed me by the elbow and pointed the gun at the boys.

"She isn't going anywhere with you."Harry growled.Harry shut the fuck up Mason has-Oh look! There's Mason's men! YOU LITTLE FUCKER HARRY I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP!

"Mason please I'll go with you just please tell your men to leave them alone.Please."I begged him.Mason looked down at me and something flashed in his eyes.He sighed and nodded at his men.

"You sure boss?"One of them asked.Mason nodded again.They all left and I saw them climb into pitch black cars.Mason loosened his grip on me slightly and walked me to his car.I climbed into the passenger seat and he shut my door.As we drove off,I saw Harry running after us from the rear view mirror.I decided to look away when I saw Harry fall to his knees.I laid my head on the window and let a few tears slip.

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