You've Changed 2

Juliet Payne has been gone for almost two years.She was promised to only be gone for one,but plans change.People change,she changed.In more ways than one.
Harry hasn't changed though.He's been looking for her for the past two years.But he doesn't know that she left for a good reason.He just thinks that she stopped loving him.But boy is he wrong.


4. Chapter 4

Juliet's POV


I tried to get out of Harry's grip,but he just held on tighter and pulled me closer.I laughed slightly and saw Harry smile.

"I know you're awake Styles."I said softy and kissed him on the lips.He kissed me back before I pulled away.He whimpered slightly as I pulled away.He pouted and leaned in to give me another kiss.I smiled through the kiss.We pulled away and he kissed my cheek.

"I still can't believe that you're back."He said softly looking into my eyes.I smiled up at him and gave him a sweet kiss.I climbed out of bed and put my underwear back on.I looked around for my bra and found it across the room.I put it on and walked into the bathroom.I heard the bathroom door open and turned around.I went wide eyed when Harry wasn't wearing anything.I turned around and turned the water for the shower on.Harry laughed and kissed me on the cheek from behind.I climbed into the shower and Harry joined me.We didn't exactly take a shower.If you know what I mean.We finally took a real shower and hopped out.I threw on my outfit and started to put my makeup on.Harry grabbed the makeup out of my hand and I pouted.

"Don't pout.That only makes me want to bite your lips."He explained licking his lips.I turned around to him and pouted.He groaned and crashed his lips onto mine.And like he said,he bit my lip gently.I wrapped my arms around his neck and he snaked his arms around my waist.He pulled me close so that our chests were touching.I ran my fingers through his hair and pulled slightly at the hair on the nape of his neck.He pulled me up onto the sink counter and walked between my legs.We both smiled through the kiss.We had to,sadly,pull away because there was a knock on the door.I laughed as Harry groaned and pouted.I aww'ed and leaned in to give him a kiss.But instead I pushed him with my leg.He pouted and walked out of the bathroom.I took this opportunity to apply my makeup.I finished applying my makeup when Harry walked back into the bathroom with the boys.I smiled big and threw myself at Liam.He hugged me tightly and kissed me on the forehead.Niall grabbed me out of his grip and gave me a bear hug.

"Missed you too buddy."I chuckled and hugged him back.

"GIVE ME MY BEST FRIEND!"Louis yelled and grabbed me away from Niall.I laughed as he hugged me tightly.He lifted me off of the ground and spun me around.I squealed and held onto him.

"NO SHE'S MY BEST FRIEND!"Zayn yelled and grabbed me away from Louis.I laughed as he threw me over his shoulder and ran out of the bathroom.

"CAN I PLEASE HAVE MY GIRLFRIEND BACK NOW?!"Harry yelled running after Zayn.I blew him a kiss and laughed as Zayn ran faster.He ran into the elevator and before Harry could get in,the doors closed.Zayn put me down and smiled big.
"So I'm guessing I'm going to be spending the day with you?"I asked with a smile.He nodded his head and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

"So bestie,what do you want to do?"He asked.I laughed and shrugged.

"I want a tattoo."I told him.He smiled big.

"I've been thinking of getting another one.A gun right here."He said and pointed to the left side of his hip.

"How many tattoo's do you have anyway?"I asked him and tilted my head to the right slightly.

"I have no idea."He chuckled.I giggled.

"I'll probably get something small.I don't know what though."I told him.

"What do you have in mind? A quote? Something random?"He asked me as we climbed into his car.

"Something random.But not too random.I want the tattoo to be something that matters to me."I explained to him.

"That makes no sense does it?"I asked with a laugh.He smiled and shook his head.

"I get it.How about a specific day?"He suggested.I thought about it and only one thing popped into my mind.Cory.But then the boys popped into my head.Specificaly Harry.

"I think I might have to get two different tattoos."I told him.He chuckled and nodded his head.

"Do you know what you're going to get then?"He asked.I nodded my head.

"The day that Cory was born and the day he died.And the day I met you all."I told him.He gave me a sympathetic smile when I mentioned Cory.I smiled and turned on the radio.What Makes You Beautiful started to play and I smiled at Zayn.I started to sing to it and he soon joined in.We were singing at the top of our lungs when the song ended.We finally got to the tattoo place and went in.




"So,what do you think of your first tattoo?"Zayn asked as we walked into McDonalds.

"I love it.I want another one now."I told him as we waited in line.He laughed and smiled at me.

"Don't go crazy with the tattoos though."He said and pointed a finger at me.I laughed.

"No promises."I winked at him.He chuckled and ordered for the both of us.

"So you and Harry back together I see?"He asked as we sat down.I chuckled.

"Yeah.I just hope this is the last time we have to get back together.I don't think I can handle another break up."I said with a sigh.He gave me a sympathetic smile and squeezed my hand lightly.

"How are you and Perrie?"I asked with a smile.He smiled the biggest smile I've ever seen.
"We're great.She's great.The wedding was amazing.I know she wished that you were there.She really misses you."He told me.I smiled.

"I'll catch up with her sometime.I miss her too."I told him as we finished off our food.We walked all the way back to the hotel.Surprisingly we didn't get mobbed.Just a couple of fans walked up to Zayn and asked for a picture and his autograph.

"Can I get a piggy back ride?"I asked Zayn as we stepped into the elevator.He sighed.

"Hop on."He told me.I smiled big and hopped onto his back.We walked into my room and Harry smiled big.

"Can I please have my girlfriend back now?"Harry pleaded all the boys.They all looked at each other then at me.I shrugged.

"He could use sometime away from me."I teased with a smirk.Harry fell to his knees and started to beg.I laughed and jumped off of Zayn's back.Harry jumped up and threw me over his shoulder.

"You guys can let yourself's out!"Harry yelled as he closed the bedroom door.I laughed as he dropped me onto the bed.He climbed on top of me and started to kiss me.I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought him closer.

"I missed you."He said through the kiss.I smiled and continued to kiss him.

"I missed you more."I teased.

"Impossible."He said and moved down to my neck.Yeah I think you know the rest.  






A/N: I published this right before 1DDay.You guys better be grateful.Haha :)

Unfortunately I can't watch the whole of 1DDay bc of timezone :(

But I love you guys and I hope all of you get to enjoy the boys make complete idiots of themselves :)

Love you all - Hend xx (yeah pretty weird name but I don't care)

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