You've Changed 2

Juliet Payne has been gone for almost two years.She was promised to only be gone for one,but plans change.People change,she changed.In more ways than one.
Harry hasn't changed though.He's been looking for her for the past two years.But he doesn't know that she left for a good reason.He just thinks that she stopped loving him.But boy is he wrong.


2. Chapter 2

Harry's POV


I can't believe it,she's back.She's finally back.After two years.Two years.Two years of pain and anger.Two years of hatred.Two years of searching for her.Two years of no communication.Two god damned years.I missed her.I missed her so much that I couldn't be angry at her.But now that she's in my arms,all the anger is back.

"How could you?"I asked in a monotone voice.She looked up at me.

"What?"She asked softly.I didn't look her in the eyes.

"How could you just walk back into my life like nothing ever happened? You left me with no explanation at all.You just left.You left me."I told her.She looked over at the boys and they all piled out of the room.She turned to me with glossy eyes.

"No.You can't just do that.You can't just cry and expect me to forgive you in an instant.It isn't going to work this time Juliet."I told her with a slight glare.She nodded her head and said nothing.

"Why did you leave?"I asked her.

"Harry,"She said softly.I shook my head.

"No.You are going to tell me.You left me for two years! No explanation at all!"I yelled.She just stood there and said nothing.She was looking at the floor and it was killing me.I don't want to be hard on her.But she wont tell me anything.I walked up to her and she looked up at me with her big hazel brown eyes.

"I-I can't.I can't explain it Harry.Not now anyways.I'm sorry."She stuttered out before rushing out of the room.I tried to chase after her,to beg her to stay,but she was already gone.I walked back into the dressing room and kicked a chair.I kicked the table and punched the wall before Paul had to hold me back.I messed up.Big time.




-Next Day-


Harry's POV


I yawned and groaned when I heard a knock on the hotel room door.I opened it and saw Juliet standing there.I wanted to pull her into the room and never let her go.But,before I could do or say anything,she handed me a letter.
"Please read it.You'll understand everything.And then you can decide if you still want me or not."She told me softly.I looked at her like she was insane.Of course I would still want her.No matter what was on this letter.I opened my mouth to tell her exactly that,but she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before running off down the hall.I heard a room door close.So she's staying down the hall.I closed the door and sat down on the couch.I opened the letter and started to read it.









A/N: Don't kill me! I know it was short.Like really short.But I promise that the next chapter will be longer.BUT,it will take me sometime to write.I'm going to be writing this long letter and its going to take sometime.But please keep commenting.And I was wondering if you guys wanted some imagines? If thats something you guys want please comment.And I'll see if I get enough people asking for them,maybe I'll do them.

Love you all - me xx



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