The HeartBreaker

Young, Hot, Popular, School Jock Zayn Malik falls in love with geeky, smart girl Jordin Myers. Zayn is known for being the school heartbreaker, but does he really break innocent hearts or is it all fake. His friends thinks she is a reject and have been bullying her behind Zayn's back. Jordin and Zayn become closer and closer with each day passing, while Jordin tries to push Zayn away he is willing to break down her walls. Zayn soon realises his friends are bulling her, this puts his true love to the test and makes him think, what are true friends?


3. I knew

Jordin's POV-
“Stacy, I can’t tell him!....You sure…Ok, but no. Never ever, ever. He’ll hate me, he’ll think I’m a liar… I know he did! I still kind of like him though…I know he is! OMG, lol….” Stacy and I were discussing telling Zayn who I was, I don't think I should tell him though... I hear the doorbell ring, I’m guessing it’s Harley or something “Umm, just wait a minute…” I get an ok from Stacy “Come in!” I call, I continue with the phone call, playing with my piercings I got last summer  “So… what are you doing?... Saturday?... Ok.. yep I’ll try to be there. I know but he is! K, I gotta go, I think Harley is here…” I quickly turn around to come face to face with Zayn, Knocking my glasses of my head “Zayn! What are you do-….Oh…I’m so sorry I completely forgot! Umm, I’ll just get the stuff ready” “Umm, did you Just call me Zayn?” He has a confused look on his face “Yes Zayn, I know it’s you…” He scratches his head and bites his lip “Umm, this is Just weird, do I know you? Like, other than Dance?” I quickly realise he’s turned the awkwardness on me, I swear I’m going to kill this boy. “Wow, I do know you. How can you look so familiar?” I look at the ground, suddenly realising he knew my old address. Shit, I’ve made this all to obvious, except the Jordin he knew didn’t have tattoos and piercings. I was a different girl to when he was my friend. I don’t think I want to be his friend again, yeah I know I’ve had a crush on him but seeing him now makes me realise how much I hate him.

Zayn's POV-
I'm starting to doubt Meg, she doesn't seem right. I know she is hiding something from me, I just know it. She seems so worried about the questions I ask her, like she is lying to me. "Ok, are we going to do this or not?" she looks up at me "y-yeah..." she says, her thoughts obviously somewhere else. "I-I just got to duck down the road and get some stuff..." she says, quickly taking out her piercings and covering her Tattoos. As she is covering them with her almost sleeveless jacket I swear I see a tattoo I haven't seen in a while, but it couldn't be, could it? She quickly heads out the door and grabs her money. "Do you want me to come with you?" "N-no I'll be fine..." she says, looking around nervously, she seems more and more uptight the minute. As she was leaving I realised her eyes were Brown, not blue...

Jordin's POV-
I quickly get out of the house, hiding my tattoo, the tattoo of the gang I’m a part of. I know you would think I’m innocent, but I’m not. No-one has seen my tattoos except for members of the gangs around the city. I quickly try to make my way to the small shops, trying to get some food and a costume for tonight, but nowhere is open. I decide to go through the alleyway on my way back home, I can drive to the shops on the other side of town. I know they’re always open. Suddenly I feel two arms wrapping around me “Hey Doll.” “Back of Harry!” I snap, turning around to meet his disgusting face “What is wrong doll?” he says, taking two steps closer to me. My Brown eyes meeting his green eyes. His long hair styled like a punk rock version of the real Harry I knew “Did you die your hair Harry, I thought your hair was normally brown, not …” “Stop trying to change the subject!" He roars. "Louis, Demi grab her..." He growls, crossing his arms. Louis is the quickest to come over to me and I kick him in the balls "Luke, Elounour... I really don't have time to wait...." He sighs, unapprovingly. They get a hold of my arms and push me to the ground. Harry uses his foot to push my face into the gravel "Where is your pathetic gang now? And what happened to you dear? I thought I told you to keep your hair the way I like it?" I tried to get away but they were holding me down and there was no way of escape. "Where is the rest of your gang anyway?" I grunted as he pushed my head into the ground again "Dead. I killed them..." an evil smirk played on his face.




Louis and Harry

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