A Small Tail Secret

Seven girls go on a terrific adventure together until something happens. What will happen to the girl after they go for a swim and find themselves in a moon pool? Will everything in their life change? Will their crushes ask them out? Will anyone find out their secret? Will the girls be in trouble? Do you know the answers? Read to find out what happens. (Similar to the show H2O and I made changes so please don't hate this.)


2. The Full Moon

The Full Moon


        If a mermaid stares at a full moon she will be himatized, go to the water, jump in, and her tail won't go away until morning. By the time they finished finding articales it was 8 p.m. Julianna looked outside and saw the full moon and looked away so she won't get himatized.

            "Tahlia, Jyotni, Olivia, Gentiana, Erika, Christina it is a full moon what do we do?" Julianna asked.

            "Do you have any carboard boxes?" Tahlia responded.

            "In the basement," Julianna responded.

            Julianna and Tahlia ran the basement and grabbed two big boxes. They cut up thd boxes and taped them to the walls covering the two windows in Julianna's huge room. It was a good thing the girls were sleeping over at Julianna's beach house. Minutes later Julianna's parents and brother came back. They went to their rooms without checking on the girls. They girls were starting wonder about what kind of powers they will have. An hour later it was      9 p.m. the girls decided to go to sleep. In the middle of the night the girls heard a sound ‘Bam!’ They woke up immediately. Then a note appeared. Jyothi grabbed the note and read it to everyone. “Once you heard a sound you will get your power, but when you go swimming to the moon pool you each of you will find something when you enter underwater,” Jyothi read.

            “If we have powers lets grab a glass of water and try them,” Christina suggested.

“Okay,” Julianna responded.

            Julianna and Erika went down stairs to the kitchen. Erika was watching to make sure no one was coming while Julianna was getting the glass of water. They walked back to Julianna’s room as fast as they could. Julianna placed the glass on the nightstand. Gentiana went first she put her hand out like she was saying stop, and the water froze. Christina went next she did the same thong Gentiana did but nothing happened, then she tried having her hand facing the glass slowly making a fist. It worked the ice melted, and the water steamed up. Then Jyothi went she did the same thing Gentiana and Christina did and nothing happened. Then Jyothi remembered her favorite thing is music so she did the arm/hand signals a music instructor does to instruct a band. It worked the water was making music. Jyothi was jumping up and down. Tahlia went after Jyothi she did the same thing Gentiana did and the water turned into gel. Then Erika went she did the same thing Christina did and a beautiful dress appeared. Julianna went next she pointed her finger at the water and was moving her arm up. The water was creating something like a tentacle in a worm for that grows how high it is controlled. Olivia went last she did the same thing Gentiana did and she turned the water invisible.

            “Okay we all have powers, Gentiana has the power to freeze water, Christina has the power to heat up water, Jyothi has the power to make music with water, Tahlia turns water into gel, Erika can turn water into an outfit, Olivia can turn water invisible, and I can control water,” Julianna stated.

            “Then what will we find in the moon pool?” Erika asked.

“I don’t know,” Julianna replied.

“Hopefully something good,” Tahlia stated.

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