A Small Tail Secret

Seven girls go on a terrific adventure together until something happens. What will happen to the girl after they go for a swim and find themselves in a moon pool? Will everything in their life change? Will their crushes ask them out? Will anyone find out their secret? Will the girls be in trouble? Do you know the answers? Read to find out what happens. (Similar to the show H2O and I made changes so please don't hate this.)


4. Jonas


It was July 25, Julianna’s birthday she was sleeping late. When everyone else was up they didn’t want to wake her up so they changed into their bathing suits and walked to the beach. As time went by Julianna finally woke up it was ten in the morning. Julianna changed into her bathing suit and ate a banana before she left. As she walked out the door there was an envelope with her name on it. She put the envelope in her bag and walked to the beach. Julianna saw Tahlia sitting so she went to sit next to her.
“Morning sleepy head,” Tahlia stated.
“Morning,” Julianna replied.
Julianna pulled out the note to read.
“What’s that?” Tahlia asked.
“I don’t know it was on the ground when I walked out the door and it has my name on it,” Julianna stated.
Julianna read the note out loud so Tahlia can hear what it said.



Ever since I met you in school I've been in love with you. I never had the courage to talk to you. I guess you can say I have a crush on you. The main reason why I wrote this letter is because I want to know something. What I want to know is "Will you go out with me?"

Text me your answer my cell phone number is (732) 755 - 8181



*End of Note*
 “That’s so sweet,” Tahlia stated in a squeaky voice.
 “Yeah, but I don’t know what to say,” Juliana stated.
 “Say what?” Jyothi asked walking over from playing volleyball.
 “Jonas asked Julianna out,” Tahlia replied.
 “Really?” Jyothi asked.
 “Yes,” Julianna stated.
 “You should go out with him,” Jyothi stated.
 “I don’t know,” Julianna stated. “I have to think about it.”
 “You better think fast,” Tahlia stated.
 “Why?” Julianna asked.
 “Look behind you,” Jyothi responded.
 Julianna turned around and saw Jonas coming their direction. Jonas walked over and sat next to Julianna.
 “Happy birthday Julianna,” Jonas stated.
 “Thanks,” Julianna replied.
 It was silent. Erika, Christina, and Gentiana came from playing volleyball.
 “What’s up?” Gentiana asked.
 “Nothing,” Jyothi replied. Erika, Christina, and Gentiana waved to Jonas when they saw him. Jonas felt awkward being around the girls.
 “Text or call me your answer when you have you have you answer,” Jonas whispered in Julianna’s ear. After that Jonas left.
 “Let’s go for a swim,” Julianna suggested.
 “Why?” Christina asked.
 “To find the moon poll and to find out how we became you know what,” Julianna replied.
 “I’m in,” Talia said.
 “Me too,” Christina added.
 “Me three,” Olivia stated. Everyone looked at Olivia confused.
 “I heard everything,” Olivia stated.
 “Fine we’ll go,” Erika answered for Jyothi and Gentiana.
 The girls ran to the water as fast as they could when they got in the water they swam as fast as they could. The girls searched and searched they found a entrance into a extremely old volcano called Mako Island as they were swimming they saw necklaces so they each grabbed one. Once they swam up for air they were in a moon pool.
“This looks like the moon pool from before,” Olivia stated.
“Maybe because it is the moon pool we were in before,” Gentiana stated.
The girls decided to look at their necklaces to find out that they are lockets. Julianna’s, Christina’s, and Tahlia’s lockets have a blue stone. Jyothi’s and Olivia’s lockets had a red stone. Gentiana’s and Erika’s lockets had a pink stone. The girls put on the lockets and lifted themselves onto the sand of the moon pool. Christina used her power to dry every ones tail away. Once every ones tails were dry the girls searched the island. The girls didn’t find anything suspicious about the island so they swam back to the beach. The girls went back to the beach house. The girls got dressed to take Julianna shopping at the mall for her birthday. The girls went to many stores to by Julianna a complete outfit. All the girls split the cost of Julianna’s outfit so they all paid the same amount for her birthday present. The girls each bought themselves an outfit. The girls walked around the mall the girls went to Starbucks All the girls ordered a very berry hibiscus. The girls decided it was time for them to look for nail polish to complete their outfits since they had everything else they need. The girls felt like someone was watching they, but every time they turned around no one was there. The girls bought their nail polish and went home. Julianna’s parents had a barbeque for dinner so after the girls ate each one took a shower and went to bed. The girls woke up the next day and got dressed in their new clothes and the lockets they found from the day before. Julianna’s outfit http://www.polyvore.com/love_to_dance_outfit/set?id=128808035, Tahlia’s outfit http://www.polyvore.com/hanging_out_with_friends_outfit/set?id=128812541, Christina’s outfit http://www.polyvore.com/friends_forever_outfit/set?id=128833451, Erika’s outfit http://www.polyvore.com/cute_outfit/set?id=128797199, Olivia’s outfit http://www.polyvore.com/best_friend_outfit/set?id=128815044, Gentiana’s outfit http://www.polyvore.com/cute_outfit/set?id=128824726, Jyothi’s outfit http://www.polyvore.com/friend_outfit/set?id=128826675. The girls went to the amusement park near the beach house the girls were going on all their favorite ride from when they were a kid and their favorite rides now. The girls felt like someone was watching them so they turned around to find Dana’s best friend/posy member Rachael. Julianna walked up to Rachael.
“What do you want?” Julianna asked Rachael.
“To talk to you guys it’s really important,” Rachael replied.
Julianna called the girls over. “What do you want to talk about?” Julianna asked.
“I wanted to say I’m sorry for bullying you girls and being part of Dana’s group,” Rachael stated.
“I’m confused,” Tahlia stated.
“I wish I wasn’t part of Dana’s group its so frustration and annoying knowing you have to be perfect at all times,” Rachael stated.
“I feel so bad for you,” Olivia stated.
“It’s hard dealing with Dana I’m socked you guys can always talk back to her without backing down,” Rachael said.
“So is that why you were sad the other day?” Gentiana asked.
“No that’s not the reason I was sad,” Rachael replied.
“Then why were you sad?” Jyothi asked.
Rachael’s voice was shaky “I was sad because…”

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