A Small Tail Secret

Seven girls go on a terrific adventure together until something happens. What will happen to the girl after they go for a swim and find themselves in a moon pool? Will everything in their life change? Will their crushes ask them out? Will anyone find out their secret? Will the girls be in trouble? Do you know the answers? Read to find out what happens. (Similar to the show H2O and I made changes so please don't hate this.)


3. Derek



          The next day the girls decided to go to the beach. So they put their bathing suits on, grabbed their beach towels, beach bags and walked to the beach. When the girls got settled Jyothi saw her friend that she had a crush on Derek. Jyothi called Derek over and he came. Julianna and Erika love to annoy Jyothi about how Derek and her like each other. Julianna and Erika started laughing when Jyothi and Derek were in the middle of talking. A few minutes later Derek pulled Jyothi over to talk to her in privet.

          "Jyothi, will you go out with me?" Derek asked.

          "Yes" Jyothi replied.

          "OOWW! Jyothi has a boyfriend!" Dana shouted.

          Gentanna, Christina, Olivia, Erika, Tahlia and Julianna ran up to Jyothi, Derek, Dana and the rest of Dana's friends also known as Dana's posy. The girls with Dana were Stacy, Sofia, Kayla and Rachael. In school calls them the populars, but Jyothi and the girls call them The Brainless Bullies. In dance Julianna and Tahlia call them The Girls That Can't Dance because it is true.

          "Hey Dana why can't you just leave Derek and Jyothi alone what did they ever do to you?" Julianna shouted while her and her friends came running to Jyothi and Derek.

          "You aren't in this Julianna so stay out," Danna commanded

          "No Dana I will stick up for any of my friends if you bully them because you don't scare me," Julianna Responded.

          "Julianna stay out of it or I will tell the whole school you stole my iPhone," Dana stated.

          "Dana you have everything your way which is ridiculous, I'm surprised you even have friends," Julianna stated.

          "Be quite Julianna!" Dana screamed.

          "No Dana you can't tell me what to do!" Julianna screamed back.

          "Whatever," Dana stated.

          Erika and her friends pull Derek, Jyothi and Julianna away from Dana. While Dana and her friends leave Julianna saw Rachael with an upset face with her head down as she turned to follow Dana.

          "I wonder why Rachael looks upset," Tahlia stated.

          "I know right," Erika replied.

          "You saw her with an upset face as she turned too? Julianna asked.

          "Yeah," Tahlia replied.

          "Bye Jyothi, bye girls," Derek stated as he left.

          After Derek left, the girls went back to the beach house and went to bed ready for the next day.

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