Not like the others

Beth is your normal girl who's not really that important to anyone,her mum hates her,her dad got sent to jail for abuse and the only person who cared about her is her big brother and he's dead.
Luke brooks,one of the Janoskians, brother of jai and beau brooks, he goes to school lives his life and always known as THE Luke brooks.
Beth and Luke don't really get on that much,Beth gets bulled at home and also at school,Luke is one of those bullies,until he sees what it's really doing to Beth.
Will he rescue her?


2. Sorry

I have no friends,never have. 


I open my salad and start to Eat,everyone looking me and I'm just eating! Ha yeah I know. 

I look up and everyone goes back to what there doing,I look over to Luke,he's still looking at me with his beautiful little eyes,he licks his Lips and goes back to what he was doing before I walked in. If your wondering where are the rest of the janoskians,we'll jai goes to a different school and Daniel and James they skip (haha see what I did there? Skip? Haha) school every 2weeks I have no idea why but they do and beau we'll, he's to old for school,20,and yeah there still together its Friday to day so they will probably film something for daresunday. I finish my salad and walk out, I go for the school door,I'm leaving,I'm going home,there's no point of me staying at school,I walk out and head for home,I walk down the path and I'm just about to cross the road but some one stops me,he drags me back and pushes me to the floor "OI SLUT,where do you think your going?!!" 


"haha not until I beat you" 

oh yeah, it's Jamie,Jess and...Luke. Great. 

"Plea-" Jamie picks me up by the hair and pushes me to a wall,and then punches me in the stomach then in the mouth then he slaps me and pushes me to the ground. "That's enough don't you think Jamie?!" Luke says as he drags him away from me! " WHAT NO! You standing up for your girlfriend Luke?!!" "She's not my girlfriend,and it looks like if you hit her again you'll kill her!" "Goo-" 

"come on Jamie we need to get back to class! Leave this bitch to die!" And with that they both left,apart from Luke,he looks and me and holds out him hand,I grab it and he helps me up. I get to my feet and step back,he smiles at me and says "sorry" and then walks away,just like that. I stand there for a bit and then head home. 


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