Not like the others

Beth is your normal girl who's not really that important to anyone,her mum hates her,her dad got sent to jail for abuse and the only person who cared about her is her big brother and he's dead.
Luke brooks,one of the Janoskians, brother of jai and beau brooks, he goes to school lives his life and always known as THE Luke brooks.
Beth and Luke don't really get on that much,Beth gets bulled at home and also at school,Luke is one of those bullies,until he sees what it's really doing to Beth.
Will he rescue her?


4. I'm so confused!

So I walk into my bedroom to find luke sat there on my bed watching tv!

"What the hell?!"

"Beth listen!"

"I'm so confused!"

"Fine,let me talk! Okay,we'll I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I never meant to hurt you! I'm sorry about Jamie,Jess,Harry and Tyler! I mean I loved being in the group,but ever since they started to beat and bully you,Iv felt different like every time I look at you I can't help but feel so sorry for you!,I'm sorry! I really am!"

I just look at him! Nothing to say. My mouth open,I can't believe he said all that,I mean he did seem like he meant it,didn't he?

"Luke I-"

"Beth listen I'm not asking if we can be best friends but I'm willing to become friends if you are?"

"Luke I- I I don't know,give me a night to think about it!"

"Oh,yeah of corse! How about tomorrow we meet at the part at like say 11?"


"Okay bye,I'll let my self out!"

And with that,he left!

I can't believe Luke actually wants to be friends with me,I mean if he really meant it! I walk down stairs and check the fridge for some food that I can't set on fire.

After I finish my dinner I go upstairs and but my pyjamas on and get into bed! It's 9:30,time flys by when Luke brooks sneaks into your house while you sleeping and staying in your room until you wake up then he tells you he wants to be friends. Anyway,I turn my light of and go to sleep. I'm still confused!

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