Not like the others

Beth is your normal girl who's not really that important to anyone,her mum hates her,her dad got sent to jail for abuse and the only person who cared about her is her big brother and he's dead.
Luke brooks,one of the Janoskians, brother of jai and beau brooks, he goes to school lives his life and always known as THE Luke brooks.
Beth and Luke don't really get on that much,Beth gets bulled at home and also at school,Luke is one of those bullies,until he sees what it's really doing to Beth.
Will he rescue her?


5. friends,I think.


Urrrrg stupid alarm!

I open my eyes and turn my alarm of,I stretch and get out of bed.

What time is it?... 10:00am shit! Only 1 hour until I meet luke.

I really hope it won't be awkward between us I mean he has been part of a group who has bullied me for years!

I go into my bathroom,get into the shower and wash my hair and clean my body,I step out and dry my self of. I go into my bedroom and pick out something to ware.

After I put on my clothes,I dry and put my hair in a ponytail. After that I check the time,10:40 shit,I need to set of its a 20 minute walk to the park from my house. I grab my shoes,phone and my back and I head out the door.

Okay so I'm walking down the street and to my left I see Jamie and Jess making out,fuck sake get a room! I carry on walking trying not to draw any attention to my self. After 20 minutes of walking I FINALY get to the park,but Luke isn't there,am I late or early? Great so he lied, I walk up to the swings and sit down. After about 10 minutes of just sitting down and doing nothing I decide to walk around for a bit. I get up and go to the big field across from the park, as I start to walk someone shouts my name,I turn around to find Luke shouting me over,he's with 4 other people,oh god please don't let it be who I think it is. I walk up to him and as I get closer I can Finally see who he's with and it's not Jamie,Jess,Tyler and Harry, it's jai,beau,James and Daniel. The Janoskians!


L-hey Beth

B-hey Luke

Be-oh so you must be the famous Beth.


L-shut it beau!

Be-ha sorry!

L-so,have you thought about it?

B-um,yeah and we'll I will love to be your friend IF you treat me like a friend.

L-really?! Great!

J-okay enough of all that! We need to film for daresunday! Wanna be in it Beth?!

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