Not like the others

Beth is your normal girl who's not really that important to anyone,her mum hates her,her dad got sent to jail for abuse and the only person who cared about her is her big brother and he's dead.
Luke brooks,one of the Janoskians, brother of jai and beau brooks, he goes to school lives his life and always known as THE Luke brooks.
Beth and Luke don't really get on that much,Beth gets bulled at home and also at school,Luke is one of those bullies,until he sees what it's really doing to Beth.
Will he rescue her?


3. can we talk?

As I walk home I recite what Luke said to me,"sorry" what does he mean sorry!? Sorry for what they have done or sorry for what they are going to do?! I hope it's the first one! I get to my front door with a note attached

"Beth,Iv gone to work, I have left some food in the fridge,be good. Mum"

Since when did she turn nice it's normally something like "I'm out,don't care what you do,don't drink my beer! Mum" any way, I walk inside,put my bag down and go to my room. I sit on my bed and just think! Think about life,boring I know.

Luke's P.O.V

"Sorry" I say before I run of to catch up with Jamie and Jess.

I don't know why I said sorry,or why I stopped Jamie from hitting her again but I can't help but look at her and feel sorry! I have never felt something like that before.

I get into school and stop in my tracks,what am I doing! I need to turn around and talk to Beth! I know it's full on but she needs to know why I just said sorry and ran of,she probably thought I'm some scardy cat,I'm not!

"OI Luke,what you doing?!"

"I,I'm going home! I don't feel we'll! I think I might be sick!"

"You're a crap lier,Luke!" Fuck!

"I don't feel well,I'm going HOME!"

"Alright,alright calm down! Go on then!"

With that I rush of out the doors and head to Beth's house.

Beth's P.O.V


I grab the tea towel and try and waft the fire! Shit shit shit! I put the fire blanket on the pan! Oops!

I was cooking and all of a sudden it set in fire! It's that stupid food my mum got for me,or I just can't cook!

"Fuck!" I say to my self as sit on the couch. I put on the tv and watch doctor who,I'm in love with that show!

"No! No! No! Leave me alone!!" I run down the corridor trying to find a place to hide! "Leave me alone!!" Fuck!

"Where the HELL ARE you!?" He shoutes as he runs after me.

" Beth,BETH!!!" Someone help!

"Arrrrrrg" I screen as my eyes open! Oh,it was just a dream!

I get up of the couch and check the time, 4:25pm oh.

I go up stairs and walk into the bathroom, I wash my face and brush my teeth. I finish up in the bathroom and walk out. I head for my room,the doors open,I swore I closed it before I went down stairs. I open my door fully open...



"What-what-what the hell?!!"

"Can we talk?"


"Can we talk?!"


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