I always loved Jason. And it was a mistake to do that to him. Now I see the light and it's all because of my selfishness. This is the end for me...


6. The end

Blake punched my face suddenly. He chuckled. Evil. A single tear rolled down my cheek and then another blow to my head then a kick to my stomach. I fell to the floor, weeping. It seemed to swallow me up. I could taste blood in my mouth. I saw him getting something out of his pocket. I closed my eyes in fear and then I felt it. The sharp, horrible pain of a knife in my side. I could make out distant voices;


"Come on Blake! Leave her!"

And with that they ran. Blood splurged out of my fragile body.

The last thing I remember was a blinding white light and then, just very faint a person, a very similar person in fact. Wait, how could that be? Was it really him? Jason?

"See what you've done Kate." A voice echoed in my head.

"I'm sorry!" I whispered but he disappeared. I cried hard in pain and sorrow.

The pain went away now but the blinding white light came back again, and I knew it would be the last time I would see anything...

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