Danny and Owen. Two young lovers. Banned from seeing each other by disapproving parents. They do everything they can to stay together. But their parents are onto them.


3. Suspicions-Danny

I tap my foot impatiently checking my watch every few minutes. "Mum! Hurry up! We're late!" Mum is walking slower than a snail looking for her favourite belt. I can't bear it. If she doesn't hurry up I'll miss the film. The showing is in 30 minutes and I promised Owen I'd meet 15 minutes ago. I'm tempted to try and run to the cinema, I don't think I'll be any later than I will be if mum doesn't hurry up. "Mum! I promised," I try to remember the name "Ellie I'd meet her 15 minutes ago!" 

"Alright, alright! Keep your nickers on! I'm coming." She stomps down the stairs sliding her belt into trousers two sizes too big.

"You need new trousers mum."

"Yeah, yeah" she grabs the keys and leads me to the car. I dive in and pull out my phone to apologise to Owen. 

"You know," begins mum, "I rang Eloise's mum last night to check times and she didn't appear to know about this get together of yours" I stop typing and look up at mum. She keeps driving as if she just commented on the weather. 

"Yeah well. You know Eloise. She doesn't always tell her mum this stuff." I'm up excuses on the spot and I know that what I've said is absolute rubbish. Eloise always tells her mum everything.

"Hmm. Except when her mum asked her about this she appeared to have no idea what we were talking about" mum looks at me with an accusing gaze as we reach the traffic lights. I'm stumped . Out of excuses. I say nothing and go back to texting Owen.

"Who's Owen?" Mum's reading my phone and I quickly turn it off.

" A friend. From school."

" Funny. I've never met him." I don't reply. The lights change and mum keeps her eyes on the road as she speaks. "I'd like to meet this person your seeing at the cinema. I hope you don't mind" she adds a fake sweetness to her voice on the last bit. I can't think of a way to worm out of it so I just nod. I can't bear the sight of her right now.

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