Danny and Owen. Two young lovers. Banned from seeing each other by disapproving parents. They do everything they can to stay together. But their parents are onto them.


7. Station-Danny

I scan through all the different trains leaving in the next half hour. It's now half one in the morning and sleep is threatening to take over. I haven't had any sleep and just want to curl up somewhere and drift off but I know I need to get on a train before I sleep. 

"What you thinking?" Owen approaches me from behind yawning.

"I think we should take the 1:47 to London Victoria and swap for another train there."

"Ok" He yawns again "I'll book the tickets." He walks to the ticket booth and starts talking to the man at the desk. After a few minutes Owen returns waving them in the air. I roll my eyes and take a ticket. We emerge on the platform. I sit down on a bench next to a young man with short blonde hair. He gives me a funny look before lifting his book higher in front of his face. 

I'm finding it hard to stay awake. I think about my mum. If she'd care that I'm gone. I wonder about Owen's family. The family I don't know. Would they care about him? Miss him? Call the police? Owen won't back out. He'll support me all the way. He'd never leave me. If our come after us Owen will keep running with me. I know he will. 

Our train approaches the station and the man beside stands up. 

"Come on then trouble. To London!" Owen does a super man pose and I can't help but giggle as I pick up my things. 

The train is fairly empty so it's easy to find a seat. As soon as I sit down I fall asleep.

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