Danny and Owen. Two young lovers. Banned from seeing each other by disapproving parents. They do everything they can to stay together. But their parents are onto them.


8. London-Owen

I watched Danny sleep for a bit. Her steady breaths in and out. She looked so quiet, so peaceful. Like an angel. I smiled to myself but it quickly faded when I remembered what we were doing. I could see the plan clearly now I had, had time to wake up. We would be dead within the next week. To rent out a flat would cost thousands and with the jobs we could get at our age we wouldn't be able to pay our rent and afford food and bills. It would be a total disaster but hoped that one week in London would knock sense into Danny. I knew it was the only way she'd listen.

After about thirty minutes the train pulled into the station. It was fairly quiet for London Victoria but by no means empty. 

"Danny?" I shook her gently "Danny we're here. C'mon." She slowly got up and we left, shoving past people who were already piling back onto the train. I lead Danny towards the screens that read the train times. I had been here before a few times with my family so I knew roughly where things were. She seemed dead on her feet so I took her hand and guided her through the crowds and ticket barriers. 

When we reached the time tables I looked at all the places we could go. I didn't know most of them so I look at the ones that sounded the most interesting. 

"We could go to Brighton" I suggested but Danny shook her head.

"Too close." 

"Yeah but that's the point. They'll expect us to try and get as far as we can not to stay nearby."

"Even so. It'll be impossible to find somewhere to stay." I agreed with this so continued looking.

What I really needed was a map. That way I could see how far away things were. 

"C'mon" I lead her to a nearby shop and searched for a map. I looked at all the places and names looking for somewhere far away I recognised. "We could go to Devon. Ask someone about how to get there by train of there's no direct route. It's not as stunning as London but it's beautiful and the accommodation will probably be cheaper. Plus, they won't expect us to go there." Danny nodded. She looked desperate for sleep. We left the shop and looked for an information office. 

"What can I do for you?" Sighed a man who seemed like he couldn't care less. 

"Er. How do we get to Devon from here?" He raised his eyebrows at me.

"Devon?" I nodded, "Where in Devon?" I tried to remember where I had been before. The place I'd fallen on love with.

"Bideford" the man nodded and typed it into his computer.

"Right then. You need to get to London Paddington." I got out my notebook and began scribbling it down. "And from there get a train to Exeter St. Davids. Then get the next train to Barnstaple and get a train to Bideford Quay. Got that?" I nodded.

"Thanks" we walked back the time tables and found a train that would take us to London Paddington. Danny seemed slightly more awake and followed me to the train. It was busy and we had to stand for the start of the journey. 

The further from home we got, the more worried I became.

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