Dancing Lane

Willow Young moves with her family to an old country lane in Devon which is a big difference to London! Willow experiences a spooky discovery in her new attic room and also finds a passion for ballet.


1. The Move

Today me and my parents moved down to Devon to start a new life in the countryside, we first lived in London but my parents didn't think it was the right environment for a young girl but I loved it, all the bustle of the city, the giant shopping centres, Buckingham palace and all the other exciting stuff! They said it was too crowded and I should live someone where I have the freedom to explore and go out but I'm only 11 and at my age all I want to do is play video games!

"This is it!" Said my dad excitedly as he pointed at a cottage with a thatched roof and vines growing up the side.

"Isn't it just adorable!" Exclaimed my mum, she was a sucker for little things like little cottages, little kids and any other little cute things.

"Yeah, adorable." I said vaguely, not looking up from my IPad.

"Come on, everyone time to start unpacking a bit." Said my dad, opening the car door and stepping out. "The delivery truck with all our furniture will be here in a bit." 

"Fine." I said, turning off my iPad and grabbing a bag of our stuff.

"Thanks, Willow." Said my mum, taking a bag herself.

We continuously took bags from the car and into the cottage for about 20 minutes then my dad got back in the car and drove it into our front driveway.

"Lets go explore the house!" Suggested my dad.

"Sure." I said, it actually sounded kinda fun plus I wanted to know what the house I'd be living in  looked like.

I looked around the cottage, it was a bungalow except it had a small attic in which I would be sleeping in. There were five rooms downstairs, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, my parents bedroom and a hallway with all the doors in. There was also a ladder that you could pull out to lead up to my room, I walked up it as soon as I saw it.

"That's where you're going to sleep." Called my mum as I walked up.

When I reached the top I found myself in a smallish room with a little window looking out onto the woods nearby.

"This is perfect!" I breathed, looking around.

"If you don't like the colour we can paint it." My dad called up to me. "I brought loads of different paints."

My dad used to be a painter so when we left London he took loads of paint with us to Devon so we could paint the house how I wanted.

"That will be needed up here!" I laughed, the room was a light pink which was nice but it was all coming off!

Later that day the delivery truck arrived and they helped us with unloading all the furniture into our new home.

"We can start with painting tomorrow but now its time for bed." Said my dad as he handed me a hot chocolate with extra cream and marshmallows, just how I liked it.

I walked up to my room which now had my bed in it (we only had time to put that in).

In the morning we got busy with painting and by 3 'O' clock we had painted the bathroom a sea green, the living room a deep blue, the hallway a new coat of white, my parents room a warm red and the kitchen a light blue.

"We have just about time to paint or favourite daughter's bedroom!" Said my dad.

"Dad, I'm your only daughter!" I exclaimed.

"You're still our favourite though!" Replied my dad.

"What colour do you want?" Asked my mum.

"I'm not sure, can I see what paints are left?" I asked.

"Sure!" Replied my dad.

He walked out of the room and brought all the paints from the cupboard.

"Oh! There's so many to choose from!" I exclaimed. "I don't know which one to choose!" Then my eyes fell on a paint which was a lilac colour.

"I want that one!" I said, pointing to the lilac one.

"Lets get started then!" Said my dad.

Because my room was really small it only took an hour to do them we had enough time to move all the furniture that was left into the right place.

"All done!" Said my dad after hours of moving the furniture.

It was now 7 'O' clock and we had time to cook our dinner before tucking into our beds and feeling contempt with our painting and decorating.

Finally our house was all ready!

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