Everyone called her Meadow. A fake name? Yes.

This story is about a girl named Meadow and the strange events in her life that happen when she's 27. It also contains some action and mystery and murder and betrayal and of course romance
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1. Where it starts( prologue)

My name is...well that's a secret for now. But you can call me meadow. I'm 15 and my mom just died. I don't know how. it was weird like everyone was hiding something from me. I live on a planet called Zorda or I should say lived. After my mom died, there was a lot of talk of what to do with me inside the palace. You see my mom was Queen Anya's main guard. So all my life I was trained to follow in her footsteps by learning mentally and physically. And since she was my only family they were all at a lost at what to do with me . But eventually they sent me to a planet that we hadn't talked or had any communications with in years. Pandora. The trip there was easy. Queen Anya got her master Mage to chant me there. Literally I closed my eyes there was some mumbles and when I opened my eyes again I was magically in Pandora. When I got there I was asked my name and when I told the wide, buff man it was Meadow he rushed me onto horse. When I finally asked where he was taking me a couple hours later he told me Pandoras palace. He also told me that we had to get away from the area that I had appeared in quickly. He said it attracts bad people. It took several days to reach the palace in which time I told the man of my mom. And he often asked questions asking what Zorda looked like. I told him that beyond the palace I had no idea. I could tell this made him curious but for some reasons he refused to ask his questions. To this day I don't know why. I also learned the mans name was Landon. And that he like my mom was a royal guard. When we got to the gates of the palace I almost wanted to cry it was so beautiful. Completely made of a light purple crystal. And it towered above me like a mountain. I didn't get much time to marvel at anything as Landon yanked me from my horse,took my hand and basically dragged me across the floor as he ran. When he did eventually stop he stopped in front of two large doors that were also crystal but a green instead of purple like the rest of castle. Landon brushed me down and quickly shoved me inside the doors. I was in the throne room. How do I know? We'll guess what it had a big old throne at the end of it that took up a huge portion of the grand room. As I waited for HOURS in that big room I looked at all the sculptures and art work and busts and realized that the castle had much more color and detail and art to it than I thought. I didn't know it at the time but I would grow to hate every single inch of that palace. Then suddenly a man walked through the doors behind me and he was dressed in beautiful silky blue with gold stitching and I just knew that was the king. I didn't know it then either but I would for years think of him as my father. And then I would think of him of as a traitor. To me.

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