Everyone called her Meadow. A fake name? Yes.

This story is about a girl named Meadow and the strange events in her life that happen when she's 27. It also contains some action and mystery and murder and betrayal and of course romance
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3. Something new


I can remember being so mad. mad that no one not a single person in that castle thought of anyone but there self. even Talos was that way I use to think that I was so different from them all in that way but thinking about it probably not. 

       That morning Sarah woke me early in the to tell me that I was needed to help clean the ball room I remember it perfectly because it just happened to be my 25th birthday that day. I was angry that I was one of the many chosen to clean the gigantic room that I knew would be in need of another clean from top to bottom within the month. Although I don't know why it came as such a surprise to me everyone always gave me the hard jobs that no one wanted to do. I suppose it might have had something to do with the fact that King Aiden thought of me as his daughter so I suppose I got treated special and even though I thought of him as my father at the time I never acted that way unless we were alone. it could also be due to my looks. as soon as you see me you know I'm not from Pandora and it seemed that the people there weren't use to anything different and I guess I scared them. but I got up anyway and I dressed my self in the same dress that I had been wearing since I was 15. and although back then the dress might have been to big I fit into it perfectly now. I left my quarters and headed down a long hallway that would lead to enormous ball room. along the way I bumped into Talos.

"Where are you going" he asked me

"Where are you going" I said with some playful attitude in my voice

"Well I was actually hoping that me and you could skip out on our boring duties today and hang out in the grand library" me and Talos occasionally did this. he did it a lot more than me though and never got caught which you think he would considering his position as both the young princes hand servants.

"okay" I said

"Wow I didn't expect you to come without a lot of convincing"

"No Talos not today" I didn't tell him it was my birthday and that was why I didn't want to do anything. so we changed direction once we got to the library I was so happy to open those doors and see the familiarity of that library. it had become the closest thing to home to me in that entire palace. the walls were bookshelves and there was just one main table in the center of the ground floor. I also loved the fact that it was my special place. well me and Talos.

After some time of running around in the huge room me and Talos finally took a break and laid in the middle of the huge table as we always did and it was perfectly silent until Talos spoke.

"You know the Kings coming back today" he said looking at me  

"Is he? I didn't care enough to ask" I said putting my hands behind me head

"your so full of shit Meadow. You've been lost since he left on that...whatever it was" he said sitting up I mimicked his action and got up myself.

"Talos you really do have the worst mouth" I said trying to change the subject

"Oh shut up and tell me when he's expected to be back"

I sat quietly for moment

"at insufferable ass" I said this received a laugh from him and in turn made me smirk

"Meadow you really do have the worst mouth" he said mocking me

The rest of the time went by normally. we stayed there for a few hours before deciding to get back to work. I received a huge scolding from Sarah and Talos of course his absence went unnoticed. soon though the day was done and as if on cue King Aiden arrived at 5 sharp. when I heard that he had arrived I went to our very, very small balcony and looked down to see him getting out of his carriage I liked having him home.

around 5:30 Talos came to my room and we headed to our 2nd secret place that wasn't that much of a secret its just that we were the only ones who used it. It was a giant meadow just behind the castle. it was beautiful and peaceful sometime me and Talos wouldn't even talk. like this day we didn't say anything just laid on our backs side by side holding hands looking at the sky. 30 minutes or so had passed before Sarah came up to me.

"What is it Sarah I'm done for the day"

"the King would like to have a word with you" she said with disgust in her voice. Sarah never liked the fact that me and the King had a strange relationship as she would say

I looked to Talos "Would you mind terribly if I left" he just shook his head as sighn for me to go

Sarah escorted me all down the long hallway until we got to the door where I then entered by myself. When I saw the king I ran to him laughing as I did and jumped into his arms and hugged him lovingly. he hugged me back and swung me around and when he stopped we just stayed like that. hugging each other.

"I missed you Aiden" I said hugging him tighter

"And I missed you Meadow. he said as he set me back on my feet. we were so happy to each other that we didn't hear the door open and we didn't see the two young princes watching us hug each other and although I would never ask either of them what they thought but I can only imagine.

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