My love story

This is my real life love story.


4. Part 2 (Year 4 p.2)

On term 4, we had a school production. Our class was doing stuff about tribes, there were 4 main characters. The main characters were chief 1, chief 2, wife of chief 2 and husband of chief 1. My role was chief 1 and Duy was chief 2, Joohwan was my husband and Jie Ying was Duy wife. The 2 chief are siblings but they are at war with each other. There was a moment in the play where duy put his arm around my shoulder which cause me to blush like hell. Everyone in class saw it and teased us. I knew my face must have look something like tomato because it was that red. The production was a big success and it was extremely fun. I enjoyed every moment of it because Duy was always there next to me. At the end of the year, our class celebrates a goodbye party. On the table I sat, Duy, Joo Hwan, Vy, Dong woon, Jie Ying and Lenny sat with me. We play dancing games and the winner was Vy. It took a long time but finally we said our farewells and good bye to another amazing year that we spent with each other. 


A/N Sorry for a short chapter, and sorry that I haven't post in a while. I'll try to post as much as possible on my TET holiday coming up. Thank you for your likes and favorites. I appreciate it alot <33


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