I wrote this story when I was nine but have just edited it so it shouldn't be too bad. Btw, I am no longer nine ;)


5. Chapter 5

The jaguar licked its lips hungrily and fixed its yellow eyes on Li. He backed away, terrified, and after no more than three steps, found himself leaning against a wall. Li turned around and felt the wall to make sure that he wasn’t just imagining the smooth, cold weapon. He wasn’t because there it was, leaning serenely on the wall, was his spear and shield. “That’s why he gave me all those weapons.” Li thought. Li shivered at the idea at what the challenge for the gun was. Li ran through the other weapons that Syphon had given him. A spear with a shield, a gun and the bow with eleven arrows. This was the spear and shield challenge…… or challenges.


 The jaguar continues to stalk towards him. Li grabbed the spear and without thinking threw it at the jaguar hitting it squarely in the heart. He gulped, shocked that he had just taken a life. He didn’t know what had gotten into him. Sure karate was hurting people, but killing?


The jaguar dropped down to the ground, dead, and fizzled with an orange colored magic before disappearing. Li noticed that the spear and shield hadn’t disappeared along with it and wondered why. He sidled over to it cautiously and picked it up. As soon as he did that it made a small popping sound like that popping candy he had once at a carnival before it disappeared. Li was too stunned to say or do anything before he remembered the challenges, but he just couldn’t force himself to snap out of it. Without even knowing, Li brought his hand up and slapped his face seventeen times. That had woken him up and now he was walking on through, well, wherever he was.


 Li was far into the jungle when he realized he was probably going the wrong way, because suddenly, instead of the lush green rainforest that he used to be in, it was now a scorching hot desert with only a few cactuses scattered here and there. Li took a few steps forward and jumped back when something exploded beneath him.


Li took a look around and only then did he find all the oil tanks and toxic fumes around him. It looked really hard but it actually wasn’t, all you had to do was run to the other end where there was a big, grassy field. So that’s what he did. Li ran as fast as he possibly could, trying not to let the sounds of explosives behind him put him off. When he was about a hundred meters away from the field, one of the explosives exploded right as he put his foot down. Li went flying in the air before landing in a tree and breaking the branch before falling forty meters down to the field and knocking himself out.    


Li woke up feeling groggy and annoyed at the amount of times he had been unconscious in the past forty-eight hours. He sat up and rubbed his eyes so that he could see clearly. Again, the familiar voice sounded to his left. “Welcome to the third challenge. You have to use the sword to mount and kill this bull. Good luck… you’ll need it.” and with that Syphon used that really annoying teleporting thing to get back his secret lab or where ever he did all of his sick plotting. Li looked down to find that he was wearing completely red before looking up to find a big angry bull staring at him. What on earth is going on? How do the landscapes change so quickly? How do objects and clothing appear and disappear randomly? He thought angrily to himself.


The bull charged at Li and he absently looked down at the sword that had just appeared in his hand and he leaped up on to the bull and grabbed hold of its ears for support. He felt bad about doing that for he had always been an animal lover and would never hurt a bull, even if it was trying to kill him. When he looked into the bulls eyes while it charged around trying to fling him off he saw for the first time that they where colorless. There wasn’t even a pupil in his eyes. Completely white and sightless.


Pure ire filled up inside him as he realized that Syphon was controlling this animal in order to kill him. Li’s instincts told him to kill it even though it was another animal being controlled by Syphon. So he put the sword high up above his head for good measure and plunged it deep into its left eye. The creature stiffened before collapsing to the ground. Li got off just in time to not get squashed by the enormous beast. He stood up and kept on walking on until he was surrounded be miles of grass and the occasional laurel bush. Li didn’t stop walking until he came to a big tree with a horse grazing underneath it. He went over to pat it and only then did he find his bow and arrows leaning against the tree. The third challenge was about to begin.


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