I wrote this story when I was nine but have just edited it so it shouldn't be too bad. Btw, I am no longer nine ;)


3. Chapter 3

Li awoke, again, in the mirrored room except the room was about seventy times bigger and he was on a stretching rack on the wall. Syphon entered the room dragging a sack that had something struggling in it. Syphon stopped next to a conveyor belt that had several big tubes above them and produced a long needle that had fluro green liquid in it and he plunged it into the sack and into something or someone’s flesh. There was a small shriek and the struggling immediately stopped, becoming silent. Syphon grinned in Li’s direction and opened to reveal what was inside it.


“Kilaka?” he whispered barely loud enough to be heard. Confusion flashed over him as he remembered the day she had died. He was five and she was the new student. Li had offered her his apple and asked her to sit with him. They had been best friends since. But no, something wasn’t right; the thought hit him like a thunder bolt, Kilaka’s eyes had always been a deep purple. Purple eyes, white hair and six fingers on her left hand. Now they were as green as the liquid in the needle and her hair had a reddish tinge. Anguish washed over him as he realized that what Syphon had injected into her was messing with her mind, controlling her every move. Kilaka stood up stiffly and walked over to Li. As if out of nowhere four Bo Shurikens (small but with deadly poison) appeared in her hands. She expertly threw them at the metal hand cuffs and ankle cuffs which snapped and Li fell to the ground.


 Li suddenly felt dizzy and his head throbbed so badly it felt as though he had just fell seven thousand meters and landed on his back. Then, he looked up and realized that he just did fall seven thousand meters. Li tried to push himself up when his wrist felt like it was on fire. He checked for ay broken bones and found a bone in his wrist broken in three places. He finally stood up and saw that Kilaka had replaced her Bo Shurikens for a rope gun. She took aim and fired. She hit Li squarely in the chest so forcefully that it sent him flying across the room to the wall with a thwack while the ropes automatically tied themselves around him and left he like a helpless fly caught in a spider’s web. Kilaka and Syphon walked over to him and Syphon told Kilaka to pick him up, carry him over to the conveyer belt. She plopped him on it so his face was looking up to one of the pipes to see the contents. “Who likes biscuits?” Syphon asked cheerily. “Let’s make one.”


When Li realized that he was going to be made into a “biscuit” he was terrified. Syphon whispered something into Kilaka’s ear and she walked over to the conveyer belt and pulled the leaver.


The tubes had fillings in them and at the end a big wall of fire was there before it dropped down into nothingness. Li was jolted out of his thoughts when the conveyer belt started moving. The ropes suddenly disappeared and he thought that he could make a quick getaway but as he went sit up he found that he was stuck fast. The first tube loomed overhead. It’s contents where caramel. Li closed his eyes as is slopped over him. Then it was coconut, then sprinkles, then strawberry sauce, then little chocolate drops and last of all gummy worms. The coconut was soft, the sprinkles pelted him, the strawberry sauce was slimy, and the chocolate drops smelt delicious. All that food smelt so good, until he came to the final step. The wall of fire. He could already feel the heat from where he was. “Please Ki,” he looked at her pleadingly across the room as he fell reached the final stage. Ki had always been her nickname from him. For a moment her eyes flickered until they faded back to the normal colour. “No,” the cry ripped itself from her throat. But it was too late, Li was dead, or at least she thought.

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