I wrote this story when I was nine but have just edited it so it shouldn't be too bad. Btw, I am no longer nine ;)


1. Chapter 1

Forty-six years, three months, seven fortnights, nine weeks, sixteen days, two hours, fifty-nine minutes and twenty-eight seconds ago, in Japan, there was a fourteen year old boy called Li. When Li was four, his parents had died in a fire at the petrol station and so he went to stay with his aunt and uncle. Until, one day, a stranger asked him to join the academy. He didn’t even say what the academy was for. Now, any normal person would have politely declined and walked away, thinking that the man was crazy. However, Li was no normal boy. So he agreed. When the man had taken Li for a tour of the school, Li had found out that the academy was for, agent karate.


One cool autumn evening, exactly one year later, Li was watching the sun set over the horizon and thought about the steps he had learnt in Shinobi today. He had already mastered the art of Shinobi but he had begged Master Jiao to teach him some extra moves, when his aunt snapped at him to stop dreaming and to go and fetch some firewood even though it was starting rain and already there was lightening cracking against the evening sky. But he had no choice.


Once Li was deep into the forest he scrambled up his favorite tree and looked out over the treetops. He was never really scared of falling down and breaking his neck or getting struck by lightening, instead, it was like a place where he could just relax and be calm.


After about half an hour, Li thought that he better get down from the tree and get some firewood before his aunt and uncle went out looking for him. When he got home his aunt scolded him for being so late back from the woods. “What do you do up there anyway? Watch the grass grow?” she snapped sarcastically. Li began the “ yes Aunty Jo, no Aunty Jo and never again Aunty Jo” routine while Uncle Kevin smirked behind the paper he was reading. That night, when dinner was being served, Li only got half a scoop of rice and a quarter of a dumpling.


Every evening Aunt Jo asked Li to go out and get firewood, and every evening Li would always come back late and get his dinner portion cut. Li started getting thinner and thinner and thinner, his face went pale and he became weak with illness. One evening Li went to get firewood but struggled to climb up his tree. He had had a full meal last night but he was still sick. When Li got down he was hit on the head with a log of wood he had collected earlier and was startled at the immense pain as he jumped into a wonky fighting position. Li was slow to respond to the bulky mans punches and kicks so the man who had hit him kept on hitting Li until he was knocked out and carried away in a sack to an unknown destination.

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