1. the mermaid

Aquamarine's Pov

I looked down at my aqua coloured tail as it move with the waves of the ocean. All of a sudden a huge splash happend on the surface of the water and I swam up a little to see was was going on. There was a boy not a merman but human. The boy didnt float though he sunk. I looked around and I saw a shark headed for the boy. So I leaned in and kissed him giving him a tail as well.He screamed as tthe shark moved closer.I grabed his hand and began to swim to the island where I knew he would be safe.I entered the merpool with the boy following close behind. We hit the surface of the water and he let out a loud scream. Which startled me so i jumped back a little. "Who are you?" the boy asked me rather very curiously."Aquamarine.And you?" t answer asked the boy. "Niall Horan." he said asamatteroffactly. "Why have I got a tail?" he asked strangely."I gave you thepower to breath under water."i told him."When does it where off?"this boy was filled with questions today."A month" i snapped and the boy threw his hands up in diffense. "I can show you around till then if you want."i asked Niall."yeah I guessit wouldnt hurt"

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