nialls POV

the tail diapeared as soon as i brought it out of the water.thinking that i had nothing on i tried to cover myself but when i looked down I realized i actually had trousers on. Aqua just laughed at me. til i gave her a look that said 'come on im new aty this'."I thought u said that it would last at least a month" i said. "Well, um ...Niall i kinda didnt know how to tell you your new at this. I didnt want to freak you out its overweming." Aqua said and i new she was scared for me."Niall its your choice;you can go with your friends or you can stay here,but remember you hav e to be in the water by sundown,Okay." I just nodded at her and i walked up the beach. I watched her swim away as i wondered when i would see her again.


***30 minutes later***

Still Nialls POV

I opened the door to see all the boys in tears,so i decided to scare the crap out of them."HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY guys." I sceamed and made all 4 of them jump while i Fell. On.The. Floor. Laughing. Yea i almost died laughing till they through me in the pool. I didnt realize till i got weird/scared looks on their faces. I looked down and say the tail. "UM...Guys im aorry"

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