does love last????

This is about a girl named kira and she was nialls love of his life. He left for the x-factor and then a year after he had his phone thrown in the pool and lost most of his contact......what happens when they meet in a store 2 years later. Is their spark still there . Will new love appear? Read and find out



hey guys sorry if you thought this was a chappy

but anyway I am holding a contest. the contest is that I am in a band with 4 of my best friends and we are called The Only Way or for short TOW

we all look like the boys of One direction but the girl version.

any way the contest is for the girls that want to be



 and Louis   

I am niall and MissDirection05 is the girl look-a-like of Zayn  so if you want to be the girl for liam harry or Louis just comment your real name and which look-a-like of a boy you want. contest finishes on the 30th of January 2014    

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