does love last????

This is about a girl named kira and she was nialls love of his life. He left for the x-factor and then a year after he had his phone thrown in the pool and lost most of his contact......what happens when they meet in a store 2 years later. Is their spark still there . Will new love appear? Read and find out


6. accidental meeting pt.2

********kiras P.O.V********

"wait kira is that you" niall asks me 

"yeah it is" I whisper barely audible while I start to walk to the trolley and said "lets go" to shayla.

we turn around to leave "wait!" niall yelled after us "go wait at the car" I whisper to shayla she nods her head and leaves for the check out.

"what do you want niall?" I ask him really annoyed.

"don't you remember me?" niall asks looking kinda hurt

"look can we do this somewhere else?" I ask on the verge of tears.

"yeah ok" he says

we walk around a little bit I complete and utter silence


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