does love last????

This is about a girl named kira and she was nialls love of his life. He left for the x-factor and then a year after he had his phone thrown in the pool and lost most of his contact......what happens when they meet in a store 2 years later. Is their spark still there . Will new love appear? Read and find out


5. accidental meeting pt.1

*******Kiras P.O.V******

me and shayla were shopping for some food cause we have none. (don't judge me I love to eat food). We were about to turn the trolley into the isle that had the oreos then I saw some hooded freak who was about to take my last packet of oreos but I had another thing in mind. I looked at shayla with evil eyes and she saw what I was thinking. so she said "give me my bag" I gave it to her and she gave me a reassuring smile. so then I took of like a wild man doing a Tarzan scream towards the dude with my oreos and then spear tackling him to the floor .football sure does help with this kind of stuff. (Australian football) the dude fell to the floor in pain and than said in a surprisingly familiar voice ''oh what ya do tat for" he says "that was for stealing MY oreos" I say while snatching the oreos out of his hand and stomping back to the trolley to a still laughing shayla. after that I cant take it any more I burst out laughing. "niall mate have you got those oreos zany wont shut up about them?" says some one else. we stop laughing and look up just in time to see 4 boys walk in to the isle "well what happened to you this time says adude with curly h- HOLY SHIT it harry styles an by the looks of it the rest if one direction. I look at shayla and it looks like shayla figured it out to by the way her mouth is open wide. "I was about to grab them but she tackled me to the ground!!"niall says while pointing to me. I just give them a cheeky smile and blush a little "you?" Louie points to me. I nod a little at him. "how did YOU tackle niall you are like so skinny" zany says "I play football. Australian football to be precise" I say with confidence. "oh and by the way niall you might want to get up off the floor" I say   

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