does love last????

This is about a girl named kira and she was nialls love of his life. He left for the x-factor and then a year after he had his phone thrown in the pool and lost most of his contact......what happens when they meet in a store 2 years later. Is their spark still there . Will new love appear? Read and find out


2. 3 years later

*******kiras P.O.V*******

ring...ring...ring... your call could not be connected please check the number and try again...

'ARRGH' I scream in frustration whats 'wrong?' shayla asks ''I have called 10 times and he still wont answer... 10 TIMES' i say with a sigh with frustration 'you never know he could be busy' she says 'shayla I have tried to call him for the past three days im pretty sure he would have called back' I say back to her 'AND it has been THREE YEARS' I say madly 'ok,ok don't need to take it out on me' she sasses at me 'fucking cunt' I mutter 'he is a fucking cunt'

*******Nialls P.O.V*******

I feel so bad I haven't called or texted her in THERR FUCKING YEARS although it isn't my fault


'harry give me my fucking phone now'  I scream as I chase harry around the house 'oi watch the language' Liam says as I run past him 'I will if harry gives my phone back' I call from the back yard I stop in my tracks I see harry holding my phone over the water teasing tommo with my phone the everything felt like it went in slow motion Louis jumps up to try to grab it and his finger just catches the end if my phone and my phone goes flying in the wrong direction and into the pool harry and Louis both turn around in horror and suddenly are on there knees and are yelling apologies at me 'niall I am so sorry' niall it was an accident' I just stare in horror then finally after a couple of minutes I camly say 'who ever did it must retrieve it' and turn on my heel and leave

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