Story of my life

When innocent fourteen year old Elena meets one direction she is launched into a nightmare in itself, when she finds out their greatest secret what will she do? When will she tell them she knows or will they figure out her secret first?


1. One thing

"And our prize winner is..." Harry announces on Fox News, "Elena Parks" my heart stops and my friend Haley hugs me tight, we both scream our heads off until he talks again, "Elena we will be by your house tomorrow morning be ready for us" I smile the biggest smile I have had in weeks

"I can't believe you won I'm so happy" Haley hugs me, "you have to get pictures and send them to me" I laugh

"no problem, I will take as many as I can" I sigh, just the thought of Louis' lips is enough to make me faint

"someone is in love" Haley teases and nudges me with her elbow, I push her and walk into the kitchen, I pull out the orange juice and pull a glass down

"want some orange juice?" I ask Haley, she nods at me, I pull down a second glass and fill them to the top, "come and get it" I yell in her direction, she runs over and nearly falls over her own feet, I don't get how she is so good at soccer if she trips over herself 24/7

"yummy" she says like a five year old, we both are major tomboys, we act like little kids too, we get it from our dads who grew up together, then I hear a Big Bang from upstairs, there isn't supposed to be anyone else in the house besides me and Haley, I look at her, she looks at me

"did you hear that?" I ask. She nods scared, I stand up, I wave for her to follow me, she violently

Violently her head, I slump my shoulders and hiss

"do you really want to be alone when somebody possibly dangerous is in the house?" She looks around then runs after me, I quietly make my way upstairs with Haley following, I. Heck my room first, nothing. Then my parents room, nothing. Then my brothers room, I put a hand on the doorknob and hear another loud bang from the room, Jason is with his friends Dominic and Jordan. I look back at Haley, she nods staying close to me, I swing the door open and see a raccoon, when it sees us it darts out the open window and into the tree

"Jason left his window open again" I walk over and pull the window closed and shut the blinds, I run a hand through my hair and turn back towards Haley and freeze in my tracks

a man in a mask holds Haley in a head lock, her eyes filled with horror, someone comes up Behring me and throws his arm around my arms and stomach, I scream, then hear laughing

"man the look on your face!" Jason says coming out of the closet laughing his head off, I turn around to see Jordan and push him, I push Jason in anger

"you guys scared the shit out of us that was not funny!" I laugh myself, it was a little funny watching Haley squeeze the living shit out if Dominic her boyfriend, Jordan asked me out but I said I wasn't ready to be in a relationship yet

we all go down and watch a horror movie, after what the guys did to us Haley jumps when the screen changes almost every time, we watched a Sherlock Holmes movie next, they are good movies, I never thought they would be

later that afternoon  we all had ice cream and popcorn, it was fun, and by dinner time we were full, Haley had to go home but Dominic and Jordan were staying the night, yay...

"I'm going to bed guys night" I call to the boys watching another horror movie, Jason flashes me a thumbs up and jumps when the monster jumps out at the girl, after I closed my doors I could still hear them screaming every once in a while

even though I said I was going to bed I really stayed up and typed on watt pad,  I am pretty popular on their, but the people aren't very nice

come two in the morning I decided to plug earphones in and lie down. I stared at the ceiling and day dreamed till the sun rose, I got out of bed and changed into skinny jeans, a camp tank, and a beanie, my turquoise one, it goes good with my light blue eyes, I walk downstairs to see the three boys collapsed on the couch, I pull the blow horn out of the drawer in the table next to the stairs and blow it

the three sleeping boys transform into screaming monkeys, I laugh and put the blow horn away, Jason looks at me

"what was that for?!" I laugh

"that was payback from yesterday" I reply, Jordan laughs and falls to his knees, holding his chest

"you gave me a heart attack without even trying" he laughs and tries to stand up, but collapses back down

"you're welcome" I say and walk into the kitchen, I fix some coffee and sit at the table 

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