My new brother (14+ niam horayne)

Niall and liam are adoptive brothers who just like to have a good time


1. chapter 1:hey babe..


My name is Niall and I'm 16, I'm an orphan at Jamie's house for boys and I have no friends, I'm not a goody goody I'm a dirty person that would call a slut but I am only a slut for people who want me to be. but I am not a bad boy, I'm also gay, I love the bad boy type though, it's super sexy and who doesn't love a sex god? Ecactly! Anyway, I have been adopter 4 times an I got sent back all 4, 2 times I actually an glad they got rid of me, they were evil! I don't think I wan to be adopted...

"NIALL! Come here!" Jamie yelled, spoke to soon, I threw on my green DC SnapBack and some white vans, I ran down the creaky stairs and went to Jamie's office, when I got there a saw a man and a women who looked in their 40s ,two girls who looked 18 or 19 and a boy that looked like a FLIPIN GOD! He had perfect hair that was brown and looked like justin biebers, brown puppy dog eyes that I could just melt in and 2 snakebites with studs in them, he has tattoos on his arms and he had a whit t-shirt so I could see the ratios on his chest a swell, damn. He's fit...

"Niall this is Karen and John Payne and they want to adopt you" said Jamie snapping me out of my daze.

"Hi!" I waved slightly

"Hello dear, these are my daughters Nichole and Ruth they are both18 and this is my son liam, he's 16 like you are" she said brightly

"Hey" I am said back to them.

"Hi!" Nicole and Ruth beamed

Liam smirked at me, I blushed and looks at my feet, he chuckled silently, god damn it.

"Alright Ni, stay outta trouble, do wanna see ya back here any time soon"

Jamie peered at me smirking. I groaned and he chuckle knowing that I always get in trouble and end up back in this hell hole that I call a home, but really, it's the only home that I've ever had tantrum loved me and likes me for me.

I turned towards my new parent I guess and smiled shyly they chuckled a bit and Jamie shooed us away, we all went outside and everyone started getting I. The car, there car had two seats right next to each other an with a blind between them that the girls took and the third one was like a small space that you couldn't see in unless the top or bottom part was opened that liam took and John and Karen in the front seats that looked semi normal, I wonder we're the hell they got this thing! . I stood there awkwardly ad John and Karen looked at me funny, I gestured towards the back and they nodded in understanding

"Girls or liam, sit on the floor" Karen Said

"Noooooo!" They all whined

"It's fine I'll sit on the floor" I said

"No it's ok niall, Ruth sit on the floor!" John said sternly

"Why can't he just sit on Liam's lap?" Ruth whined

Liam smirked and looked at me with dark eyes, I god..

"Is that on with you liam?" Karen asked

"Yes it is" liam said darkly

I hesitantly got in the car and sat on Liam's lap, he wrapped his strong, tattooed arms around my waist and I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck.

"Ok, it's about a 35 hour drive, we live In London" John said starting the car

So I have to sit on a sexy god for over a day while we drive from Ireland to London, ok then.

"I'm tired" liam said and he closed both compartments is no one could see.

"Hey babe" he whispered agents me ear.

He flipped me Aron's so our chests were rubbing and I was practically grinding him. I liked this very much. You see I'm a dirty person.

"Hi there" I said, dragging my finger down his chest. He gripped my waist digging his fingers into it. I grounded on him fully and he tracked his hands up the back of my shirt,

"Mmmn yah" he moaned. This thing is sound proof I think. I hope at least. He started slipping my shirt off so I took it off fully, why wait? I need to have so e fun before they return me. He sucked my neck and traveled down biting it, I moaned and he smirked agents my skin. He kissed down my chest and sucked my left nipple while playing with the right one between his fingers. I moaned and he bit on my nipple. He's such a tease... I like that. I grabbed his face between my hands and brought it up yo my own and crashed my lips into his, he pushed his ting into my mouth and I let him, he took complete control over my body and I liked that. There was a knock on the side of the booth thing,

"Liam! Open up! We wanna talk to our new brother!" Ruth snapped.

I pulled my shirt on and sat normally on Liam's lap, I was about to unlock the top part but liam grabbed my face and kissed me lightly before letting me open the door, he held my right hand under the bottom part rubbing circles on the back of it while I talked and I leaned back into his chest. Letting my two new sisters and 'brother' that'll to me.

There is the first chapter! It's a little bit dirty but they are all not like that, and if you people like dirty, then there will be more. There's Some cute moments coming up soon aswell so stay tuned. Sorry if something's wired I'm British, Irish, and Canadian so my accent is wired and I speak differently!





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