Bombing The Soul

Bella's life changes all to quickly after she realizes who Justin really is


2. College Was Fun


Today was going to be all about Justin and I. He invited me out to a small cafe for dinner.

"Hey" He says, giving me a kiss on the cheek before sitting down. He was wearing jeans and I saw him on his phone before I walked in. I silently sigh as I pull the chair out and take a seat. I couldn't really be mad at him though. His was on his phone because he was waiting for me, and he probably wore jeans because it was just a small outing.

I look around the building. I remember coming here with my family as a kid, and then with my friends through our highschool years. I just ordered the same food as Justin, I wasnt really paying attention to the menu. He didn't really talk to me that much. I wonder if hes mad that we moved back to my old town instead of his. Does he even want to live here?

He order a few beers and I had one myself, if he has anymore ill have to drive him home

"dont order another, please" I beg inside my head. He has another one, thankfully his last.

We finished up with only a couple of words spoken. This was so weird, we used to talk all the time and now 'how was your day' seems like a question to far out to ask.

"Wanna come check out my place?" Justin asks on the way out of the restaurant.

"Sure babe" I say as he leads me to his car. Its been a day or two and he already has a place? I guess that answers my previous question. Considering he can still talk straight I let him drive.

We pulled into the small parking lot, but the building was big. How can he score a place like this overnight?

"This is really nice" I say to him as we get into the elevator

"Should be for the price im paying." He laughs. Guilt is the only thing I see. He doesn't even have a job and is probably spending all of his extra money on this. If he asks me to move in with him I'm going to help pay for it, no matter what he says.

We come to a door at the end of the hallway, theres a window with a nice view of a park on the backside of the building. Once I step in, I'm amazed.

"Did this come furnished?" I ask, looking around at all the expensive looking furniture.

"Yeah" He says, walking over the couch. I follow him. This was the first time we've sat together in a while. The last time I remember us sitting like this was on the couch in the coffee shop by campus. Seems like years not days ago. He moves close to me, too close. His legs are practically on mine. His face gets closer and I can smell the remains of all the drinks he had. I'm all for cuddling, but he needs to be sober and not totally crushing my body. I stand up to move over but he grabs my wrist. What the hell.

"Ow let go" I say somewhat jokingly. He pulls me closer to him as I try to move away. I dont want to be that close to him when he smells of alcohol. He seemed fine driving here, why is he suddenly acting completely drunk.

"Justin let go" I say more seriously. He started to laugh, his grip is slowly released. I look at my wrist, I can see the marks where his nails dug into my skin. He just turns on the TV like nothing had happened. Thats the last time I let him order any drinks.

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