is our love real?

a young girl named angelina just wanted an autograph from one direction but got way more than she expected.


1. the line

Angelina's pov.:



There i was waiting in line to get my take me home album signed by one direction. When a cop car drove up, and four cute british boys and one super hot irish guy got out. Then all of the sudden I was on the ground being kicked around by millions of screaming fan-girls. The irish cutie ran up to the security gaurd and pointed me out.when the security gaurd dragged me out of the crowd i fell into the irish boys chest i looked up and saw his electric blue eyes glistening in the moon light "Hi I'm Niall " he said " I k-know.. I-I'm Angelina..." he chuckled."are you alright?" he asked. "I'm fine, just a little sore." I said. "Hey,angelina wanna come backstage  with me ?"he asked "yea,sure"i replied he took me back stage"omg, this is a dressing room! it looks like my bedroom times two!!" i yelled " wanna meet the boys?"he asked "sure" i said he took me to the lounging area "angelina meet louis,liam,zayn,and harry,boys meet angelina"niall said "hi love how ya been"asked louis "good, thanks" i answered .harry grabed my hand and huged me "hello beautiful"harry said with a smile on his face niall shot him a look that said 'BACK THE FUCK UP' and harry backed off. liam and zayn just hugged me and said hi.niall grabs my hand and takes me out to his car and took me to his flat "honey ,who's your friend?"said nialls mom "oh,this is angelina can she have dinner with us?"he said "sure, why not,does she wanna stay the night also?" she said. niall and his mom looks at me waiting"oh,ill ask my dad" I say I call my dad "hello?"my father says "yea dad its me Angelina can I spend the night at a....friends house tonight?" I ask "who is it your wanting to spend the night with? is it Emily?" he asks "umm no its my new friends nialls house" I say to him "wait isn't there a boy named niall from that little band of yours?" he asked "yes he wants to know if I can stay the night?" I say "hmmmmmm I guess just don't have too much fun and NO PARTIES" he said I laughed "ok dad thanks" I say to him "have a nice night sweety" he said "ok I will love u bye"i say to him and hang up the phone "what did he say" niall asked with hope in his eyes I put on a fake frown "he said no" I lie trying not to smile nialls face saddened "oh" he simply said "IM JUST KIDDING HE SAID YES" I yell happily nialls face lit up "YAY...I mean cool"he said I laughed lightly


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