my story

my true story


1. Me (:

Pain I never believed in pain just because your brain tells you something that does not mean its true. Like 13+0=12 Does that mean its right? No! I always been a little weird and making everything complicated but that's just me. Mental Pain is the worst just because I cut in the past does not mean anything about me now. I been depressed, mad, suicidal and loving. I've never been the nicest girl but when you really get to know me, I have a real good personality. I'm not pretty I get you might want sit by the pretty girl but if you really get to know them you might change your mind. This is my Story, the story of Leah Marie Cutler. I know I can put words into a book and say stuff but does that mean I did it. ( I'm just making everything overly complicated so i'll just get to the story )

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