Under the Willow Tree

It's the beginning of senior year and Coraline Stevenson, or Cora, is as ready as ever to get started. She has her head in the books until a new boy comes along and discovers her secret studying place under the great big willow in the back of the school. They begin to hang out nearly every single day and she starts to fall for him. But her past comes back to haunt her. Will she be able to move on and hope to begin anew with the new kid?


2. Northridge Tigers

Baxter's POV

Everything is so different. But what's the difference between Northridge and the 6 other schools I have transferred to throughout the twelve years of my schooling. I hate moving and having to be the new kid in school. I'm also surprised that I'm not having people fawn over me after the movie I starred in last summer. Ugh. 

I look down at my phone and see that ceramics is my first class. Oh that's right. 

I walk to the senior hallway and quickly find my locker. 257.. I turn the lock and I struggle getting it open.. 

"Here. Let me help you." I hear a girl's voice beside me. 

"Oh. Thank you. I'm Baxter by the way." I extended my hand once she gets my locker open. 

"Coraline. But you can call me Cora.." She said as we shook hands. "You must be new. I hadn't seen you around the previous years." 

I turned into my shy self. "Yeah.. I had moved around a lot.. I'm hoping to settle down here. After going to six different school, I would like to stay put for my senior year." 

"That's understandable. Well, the bell is going to be ringing soon. You might want to get to class. Where's your class?" She asked curiously. 

I looked at my schedule once again and replied. " I have ceramics with Kusbacht. How about you?" 

"Well... It looks as though we are going to the same place. Come on Baxter, follow me." 

We took off towards class. She walked very determined yet feminine. No Baxter. You can't like the first girl you meet. Remember Alyssa...?


Alyssa was my co-star in Taken Teen. I had to rescue her and while we were on set together for many hours, feelings arose and we started to fall for each other. But then I found out that towards the end of our relationship, she had cheated on me. I can't say I refuse to invest my feelings in another girl bu I'm just afraid of getting hurt. 

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